Friday, May 27, 2011

A couple of words on the FEI World Reining Finals

The FEI World Reining finals held here in Sweden last weekend has created quite a stir! A Dansish animal rights group, Epona, filmed the warmups and posted the videos on the web. Several of the participants are shown jerking, spurring and using pretty harsh methods getting their mounts ready. One of the less flattering videos are of Craig Schmersal, $2.000.000 rider and one of the worlds leading reiners, warming up Miss Lil Attitude, who won the CR4 and placed 2nd in the world finals. The rough hands & constant jerking in the bridle has more people than me pretty upset.

The thing is, if this is how it's done in full view of spectators, judges, event veterinerian, and show officials it must be the accepted approach in the reining world wich indeed would be sad. What goes on at home, when nobody's lookin?

In my oppinion the mouth is an inviolable part of the horse and must be treated accordingly. The lowsniffing headset is another aspect I, for the life of me, can not understand. For a horse to perform at his best, a rise in the chest and neck is needed and this "Daxhound on a deertrail" look will never do anything but create soreness and problems down the road.

Riders of Schmersals caliber are also looked up to by hordes of younger riders and if this is how "the champ" does it they're likely to follow.

Judge for your selves, here's the video:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost done with Adelsö

Gearing up for the biggest race event of the year, The Elitlopp. Races held Wednesday, Friday, Sat & Sunday. 46 races or something in all with millions in purses. About a million dollars in purses in the main event alone! Some of the worlds greatest trotters, flewn in from around the world will fight it out over the weekend, meaning I´ll be busy, busy taking pics.

Cleaned out the old barn over the last couple of day's, can't believe how much crap you collect if you have enough space! Annelie hosed down the stalls and all with a highpreassure washer while I concentrated on emptying the hay loft. Hopefully we're done at the old place now and can focus on all the projects that need our attention at Snösvad. More fences need to come up, arena panels put up and the general chaos sorted out. Somewhere in there I hope to find some time to ride the horses too! Cat needs a couple of more miles on her before summergrazing and Brady needs his work too.

I'm also involved in the efforts to get a Scandinavian Cutting Futurity in place this fall. A couple of us in the association are hard at work trying to get all the pieces in place. Ungreateful business I know, but gotta get done if we're to take cutting to the next level here in Sweden.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Lots of fenceposts to pull at the old ranch, just to pound em back in the ground at the new place! We´ve had great help from my dad who single handed has tore down pasture fence covering 30 acres or so. Ben helped me getting them in the ground at Snösvad this weekend too, thank's guy's!

I switched bosal on Cat to the soft one I made awhile back, for her 6-7th ride. She was more at ease with the softer, reata cored one and is starting to give to it better and feeling alot softer.

The new horse, Ritzy is starting to look better and shedding her wintercoat and looking happier.

The first NCHA of Scandinavia show of the year was concluded Saturday at Axevalla. I was supposed to go but had to go back to Adelsö unfortunately. Seems it was a pretty even but low scoring affair. A bunch of misses still, working out of possition and such and scores need to come up some. But over all I think it was a good first.

The Breeders Invitational in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was cancelled Saturday due to an outbreak of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV). Refunds and/or reschedule is currently discussed. It started with two affected horses at the Western Nationals in Utah last week. One had to be put down and the other is still being monitored. Some horses affected in Ca aswell. Many shows postponed and people are being asked to monitor their horses for signs of the infection.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ritzy's Dream

After proudly culling our horse herd somewhat due to the move and all, I stumbled on to this sweet filly. Annelie´s been wanting a trotter to train for sometime and since her birthday is coming up I thought, what the heck, and made a deal with a trainer friend. Result being we´ve (Annelie actually) got a new horse in the barn!

Ritzy´s abit thin and needs some time to find herself. She doesn´t seem to enjoy life right now, but we´ll change that hopefully. She´s got a great pedigree (Dream Vacation-Ritzy Hornline, both great racers in their day) but papers don´t win any races though so Annelie and her groom Ida has some work to do!
Ritzy fit right in with the other girls, Polly and Cat

Peppy, or Pepsi as she´s called now is in foal at the new owners. She´s expecting with their reining stud Ruff Lil Banjo. She´ll give them as good a foal as she has for us I´m sure! Congratulations! She´s looking really good too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Online again!

We finally got the phoneline sorted out this morning! Got a working phone AND the internet modem up and running! Been without land-line since we moved here and thus no internet. Not much new to report. Draggin my behind, trying to put off heading outside to knock down poles for all the new pasture fences that needs to come up. Got an acheing elbow and messed up shoulder to justify staying on the couch drinking coffe. Worked Brady yesterday and he´s really solid. Gets a little impatient when you don´t work him more regularly, but nothing major. He really wants me to get the panels up though so we can go cow-playing for real! Will also get Norsten the cutting maschine mounted today if there´s time.

Have to spend the weekend at the old place, emptying out the barn. Lots of junk still there and I believe there´ll be a few trips to the dump.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kick The Cat

Kick The Cats 3rd and 4th ride in the books and she´s about as expected. Not the most patient individual ever saddled. She´s full of life and have a hard time relaxing. She´s also pretty herdbound and wants to have full view of her mates. Spending alot of time just getting her to simmer down and relax. Once I get her attention and get her busy she´s pretty good. She also have a ton of athletisism and is very explosive. When we get all the pieces together she´ll be a great horse I think. I´m starting her in a 3/4 latigo bosal with a rawhide nose. She´s still figuring things out but she´s really light and responsive, here´s hoping I can keep her that way!