Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter cowwork

Got the cows out the other day. Worked Kick The Cat some, mostly just going through the herd, cutting a couple but not working them much in the snow. Just thought she needed to keep it real and look at the cows alittle after working the flag most of the winter.
She gets a little bothered when the cows start climbing or act alittle too wild. She calmed down some though as we just kept our cool and stayed our ground without making much of it.

Annelie got some nice pics of us working:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mid winter update

Too long since my last entry, I know. Nothing much going on to report though. Horses have been off some the last couple of weeks with alittle temp. Nothing major but we like to play it safe.

Molly has some issues with a hind leg we're trying to figure out. She, along with Polly, will head to the vet this week. Polly also has some issues with what I suspect might be chips in her hocks or pasterns. that X-rays hopefully will disclose.

Other than that winter pretty much limits what we can do here. Some trail rides, with arena work mixed in. Annelie keeps driving Ritzy along with helping a friend keep her shetland spinning. Got to keep the ponys fresh and interested, that's the main thing during the winter. The'll see plenty more work when the snow's gone and the sun's back again.

Really pleased with Kick The Cat. She's progressing but we need alot more actual cowwork. The vid is from working the Pro Cutter the other day with my hand down. She get's alittle fresh from time to time and I suspect she'll need plenty of loping to take the edge off if we were to go show.

Hagar, our 2yo CD Olena colt is doing great by the reports we get from Todd. Me and Ida will go visit in Idaho this summer and we can't wait! 

Ida and her pony Furix gets more and more in sync and are having a great winter.