Monday, October 31, 2011

NRCHA Derby finals

Well the NRCHA Derby finals were as alway's thrilling. I missed most of it because of a lagging internet connection though. Ron Emmons and Reygans Smart Lena won with an almost perfect cowwork marking a sizzling 228 for a 663 composite. Two really strong, close to perfect turns and then Emmons horse stuck like glue to the cow during the circling, great performance and a worthy champion!
Derby final results

Feel like I'm just repeting my self here, but I worked Kick The Cat on a cow again yesterday, she did good, I was pleased etc. This is more or less what our day's are gonna look like for the next year or so. Working a single cow, tracking, possitioning, stopping and turning. Over and over, creating a muscle memory in regards to the stop, draw and turn. Ofcourse we'll be doing a bunch of other things aswell like refining her handle, breaking her to a rope and hitting the trail. But on the cowfront this and the pro-cutter is what we'll be up to.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cutting & Cowhorse Finals

PCCHA Futurity & Stakes finals last night. I was sound asleep after a full day, so I missed the action but here are the results:

PCCHA Futurity:

Morgan Cromer got a another well deserved win aboard Faye Reys Sis with a 224. The duo, who won the Idaho Cutting Futurity last month, scored 4pts higher than Hayden Upton who claimed reserve on Cats Date with a 220.

PCCHA Stakes results:

My feeling that Tim Smith and My Lizzy Babe were the ones to beat came through and the pair walked away with the $22.000 check 1.5 pts over Reserve Champion Blue One Time and Clint Allen. I really like this mare and her breeding alot! All Drummond Ranch, Oklahoma with Lizzys Gotta Player on a Docs Stylish Oak daughter going back to Playboys Mom, Lenaette and Bar Socks Babe on the bottom!

My Lizzy Babe & Tim Smith

From cutting to cowhorse, Finals in the NRCHA Derby today!
Reymanator and Zane Davis looked great in the prelims and heads the class of 26 hopefuls for the clean slate finals. Tough goings as alway's in the cowhorse and it usually comes down to the fencework and luck of the draw, if you "just" get by the herd & reinwork in decent shape. The last cow usually makes or brakes your score and this one should be exciting. Guessing the winner here is almost impossible, but remember Reymanators 3yo campaign where he was undefeated through the snafflebit pre-futurity, prelims and finals in the Reno Futurity, so he can do it for sure. I still root for Nic It In The Bud's half brother Red It One Time and Tod Bergen. Love the horse and his attitude. If he can pick some good cows in the herd and post a score close to 220 I believe he can win it. Try to catch this one tonight if you can, it will be thrilling! Webcast on

Reymanator & Zane Davis

We keep at it on the homefront too. Cat working cows on the weekends and the flag during week days. Will start to go places on her too, trail out, move the cows around in the pasture just to mixit up alittle. She was awsome yesterday and my goal to keep her feather light seems to work.
Annelie is putting some miles on her trotter Ritzy aswell and she's getting better too. She's a bit fresh though and wants to really GO more than Annelie does at times. Not by being bad or anything, just happy and willing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cat and Norsten

Introduced Cat to the cutting machine, Norsten, yesterday. Hillarious! Wish I had a pic of her initial reaction to the stuffed critter! She spread her legs wide and almost laid her belly on the ground and snorted loudly, dirt flying! After we talked, sniffed and observed it for a minute she was fine. She has a healthy respect for it though and it sure keeps her focused. She really understands her job and reads and reacts more or less by herself. My job is to coach her up and teach her where to be and how to stop and turn. Her willingness to work makes it alot easier though. We stayed at the walk mostly and will continue to do so for a while until she's where I want her.

Finals in the PCCHA 5/6 classic yesterday:

Matt Budge the winner on Im Catman posting a 224 and earning close to $14.000. Jimmy Kemps Little Lap Dancer placed 7th with a 216.5.

The top 13 going to the finals in the Stakes:

Here I like Tim Smiths ride My Lizzy Babe (Lizzys Gotta Player x Moms Stylish Babe x Docs Stylish Oak). Her dam is a full sister to Playing Stylish and that damside is loaded! She's got real talent and moves like a winner. Tough, tough opponents in the final though and maybe cousin Moms Stilish Cat (High Brow Cat-Moms Stylish Pepto) and Clint Allen walks away with the victory?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tough weekend!

Saturday I held an 8 hour clinic for an Icelandic Pony club. Really fun and they are a lot of horse presented in a small package! A 2 hour drive there and another 2 hours back! Just some basic horsemanship phillosophies and concepts paired with some tweeks here and there to better suit what the participants were looking for or needed help with. Usually I bring a horse to better visualize what we're after, but Brady probably has an infection brewing and I didn't want to risk anything by bringing him. That left me trying to present things in a clear and visual way without horse. More demanding, but also made me think more thorrough about the problems we may encounter and how to correct them. Great people none the less and I hope they found something in my rambling that made sense and was helpful!

Sunday was full of the usual stuff, feeding and letting horses out, muckin stalls, setting up cowpens, working Cat first so I can let the cows out to pasture as early as possible. She's getting it and she wants to work cattle! Great feeling and she's starting to read some by herself. She over reacts some though and if a cow breaks left, she explodes and jumps about a boatlength to block her. Something we'll spend the winter fixing on the pro-cutter. I´m more than pleased with her progress though and we'll get the possitioning down pat also I'm sure.

Another student, Erika on a big ol Tinker named Jordan, after that and she's making progress also. We're working on suppleness and feel right now and she gets it too. Lastly I rode the little Arab mare again. She's been off all week as I havn't really had time for her. She was a bit full of herself but overall she did good. Next up was fixing pastures. I've connected the fillies summerpasture with their winter hangout, constructing a closable run through the trees. Will close of the summer pasture when the weather gets worse.

That was basically my weekend, dead tired and back acheing we got a couple of minutes on the tv couch before hitting our faces on the bed and it started all over again this morning!

The PCCHA Golden Hills 5/6 Classic finals today:

Rooting alittle x-tra for Jimmy Kemp's Little Lap Dancer. Jimmy's family has owned horses like Commander King, Hollywood Bill, Leo San, Wimpy Leo. They also owned Peppy Belle who, when bred to Leo San, produced the great Peppy San. I love this mare's breeding! By Peptoboonsmal and out of the great Little Belly Dancer, a full sister to Wild Haired Cat, Miss Woody Two Shoes, Wiley Cat and Woodys Wildest Cat. The latter by the way is 4th, with a 221, after the PCCHA Stakes 1st round.

Got some unconfirmed results from this weekends Swedish National Championships.
1st. Solanos Sugar Doll - Nadia Reinholdsson score: 144
2nd. Solanos Little Tivio - Göran Lindström score: 142
3rd. A Smart Little Leo - Styrbjörn Persson score: 141

Friday, October 21, 2011

Go West

All eyes on the westcoast this week and next, as PCCHA Gold Coast Futurity is underway. Most everybody who's anybody is there for the Futurity, Stakes and Classic. Besides the California based trainers like Tim Smith, Russ Westfall and Morgan Cromer, big guns Phil Rapp, Matt Gaines, Lloyd Cox, Clint Allen, Phil Hanson and Grant Setnicka has loaded up the trailers full of hopefuls.

After the Futurity' second go, the final 15 are as follows:

First go of the 5/6 Classic today with a very strong field. Horses like former PCCHA Futurity & Derby winner Flo Like A Cat, Im Catman, recent Southpoint 5/6 winner Peptos Opus Cat, Holly Is Smooth, SDP Al Capoone, Rascal Cats, Fancy Lookin Cat, Intention Del Rey, Little Pepto Cat, Harley and NCHA Non-Pro horse of the year Itawtathenapuddycat.

A Short breather of a couple of day's before NRCHA Derby kicks of in Queen Creek, Arizona on the 27th. The best 4 and 5 year olds square off in either a snafflebit or hackamore. Usually a very competetive deal and surely something to watch on the webcast.

On the homefront the Swedish National Championships takes place this weekend with cowhorse, reining and cutting classes. Have to hold a clinic Saturday so I won't be able to make the trip unfortunately.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Passing of a Legend

A legend has passed. Cuttings leading lady, Royal Blue Boon passed away last week at her long time home in Weatherford, TX. RBB earned a respectful $224,685 in the cuttingpen and the 31 year old mare (Boon Bar x Royal Tincie x Royal King) had 17 earners that amassed $2,614,201!!! Among her get are: Red White And Boon, Peptoboonsmal, Autumn Boon, Mecom Blue, Duals Blue Boon, Bet Yer Blue Boons, Peek A Boon.

I absolutely love the Royal Blue Boon bloodline and both Cat and Polly carry it on top. Kick The Cat is by Wild Thing DNA (Smart Little Lena-Autumn Boon-Royal Blue Boon) La Flor del Viento or "Polly" is by double RBB bred stud Peeka Pep (Peptoboonsmal-Peek A Boon, both out of Royal Blue Boon!)
Royal Blue Boon

Another one of my heroes, Richard Caldwell, tried his luck at the NRCHA Futurity in Reno last month. Allthough the sledding was tough for him and his colt Sumkinda Rey (Dual Rey-Sumkinda Pinkcadilac) he was a winner just by participating in the open, health issues and a green colt aside. In his stocksaddle, 70 foot reata tied on, and wearing his Vaquero heritage proudly.
Richard and Sumkinda Rey

We're working the fillies as much as possible, me and Cat on the heiffers and Annelie & Ritzy driving. Both horses getting better and better. Cat is showing some attitude and expression and handling them better and better. Surprisingly, so far she's shown alot of wait too. She's a busy gal otherwise, fretting and pawing, dancing and prancing, but pretty cool on a cow so far.
Kick The Cat

Monday, October 10, 2011


Had a couple of students this weekend. "They asked and I agreed to help" sorta thing. Was pretty fun actually. One was pretty much a total newbie, but had the right mindset & attitude wich is gonna take her a long way. The other girl is also really promising and she sure knows how to ride. Just gotta get some new concepts across but she did really good also. Rode the little grey Arab mare for the first time yesterday. She did great and really listens and tries. She's a bit spooky though with serious bucking tendencies when frightened, so we'll se where that goes. Had Cat on the cows again and she's catching on. Hopefully will find some time during the week to put her on them again.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Local Plowing Championships

Just got back from watching the Plowing District Championships! Really cool watching the Ardennes (Belgiums) pull the plows. They were judged on straightness, depth and width among other things. Impressive animals for sure.
Pär Eriksson and his team Pluto & Bläsen

Brother Johan with Ruben & Krut.

Pärs team again

Göran Olsson with Ellabron & Felicia

Johan Erikssons team.

Görans team again

Friday, October 7, 2011

More cowwork

Had Kick The Cat working the cows again yesterday. It's such a sweet sensation feeling them click, right then and there! She was alittle bit anxious again from the start, but when we got the right cow seperated and the others back in the pen she calmed down. After a few trips around the arena tracking the cow, she just got it! Stopped when the cow did, showed real patience waiting and then started after her when the heiffer moved out. When she understood she could control her a little, driving her, she got really interested and showed expression and attitude.

Will get back on again tomorrow and Sunday to pick up where we left off.

Roped some too off of Brady. Need some help though holding herd to give me clean shots. My hand still not working right and giving me problem controling the loop. Getting better though but I was really rusty and out of sync.

Monday, October 3, 2011

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 2011

Todd Bergen and Shiners Don Juan won the Open Snaffle Bit Futurity and a cool $100.000 for owner Janiejill Tointon. Todd had an accident and a concussion the weekend before the Futurity and could not work his horses leading up to the show. Still not fully recovered he managed to stay in possition for the ever so exciting last leg of the Finals, the fencework, where the duo scored a 217 for a total of 657,5 composite score to secure the win. More storylines here too! The owner almost had the horse sold right before the finals but the buyer backed out at the last minute, leaving her with a Futurity winner! The way to early deceased (2009) Smart Shiner is the sire of Don Juan and he sure has left a mark on the industry with his very limited crops.Smart Shiner was by Shining Spark-Smart Hickory (a 3/4 sister to Smart Little Lena). Smart Hickory offspring earned $585.000 in cutting, cowhorse and reining events.

(Pics by Aqha journal)
Shiners Don Juan

Finals scoreboard

Boyd Rice and Moonstruck Pepto earned reserve 3,5 points behind. He scored a 223 in the herdwork on both Moonstruck Pepto and Mamas Money Talks who finished 6th.
Moonstruck Pepto

Les finished 7th, 7,5 points behind Bergen for a very respectable 650 composite . Congats!
Les Vogt

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally a win!

Had Kick The Cat tracking a cow again this morning. Started out with a fresh one, but she was abit of a bully making the horse somewhat uncomfortable so we switched to the smaller of our heiffers. She handled her better and we got some good work done.

After a bunch of good performances without a victory "our" 4yo standardbred filly, Ashado Boko, finally crossed the finishline a winner! After racing 4th on the outside most of the mile long race, she had the speed and stamina to take `em all down over the homestretch, winning by a short head.
Ashado Boko (nr 10)

Other notable performers today were of course Pato, winner of the Sw.trotting futurity (Kriterium) and claiming the cheque for 1.6 million Sek (about $250.000)

Driver Peter Ingves spontanious outburst is somewhat understandable ;)

Cowhorse Futurity Finals underway aswell. See if I can get the stream working. Also have a San Diego Chargers game to tune in in about an hour.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our new, virtual, stud colt!

Well, "wish I had a boatload of money" kinda sums up the way the Select Yearling & Broodmare sale went. For my virtual studprospect "buy" I had set a $10.000 limit and was hoping for finds in the $5.000 range.

The results:

73. Good God Almighty $35,000
(2/26/2010 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Love Em N Lena x Smart Little Lena)
I knew this guy would be outa my range from the start, but I really liked him. He's probably gonna cost another $20.000 in bills until the 2013 Futurity so if you want to break even by his 3 yearold year, he better win!

62. Stylish Lena Rey $15,500
(3/19/2010 sorrel s) (Stylish Rey x Petite Olena x Smart Little Lena)
This one I didn't figure would bring this kind of bucks, but he is a nice horse with a good to great pedigree.

81. Cadilac Rey $13,000
(2/6/2010 red roan s) (Dual Rey x Sumkinda Pinkcadilac x Peptoboonsmal)

I guess his colour brought him up another $3.000 from where I had him, and he looks to be a great individual with strong, strong papers.

132. Apolo Oak $12,500
(2/1/2010 sorrel s) (CD Olena x Shiners Little Oak x Shining Spark)

As I suspected this one got away too. I knew people would like him and they obviously did.

94.Wheres My Spot $12,500
(4/10/2010 bay s) (Spots Hot x Wheres My Shine x Shining Spark); Cowan Ranch Inc..

A real miss here. I thought we could sneak off with one here. I guess others saw what I did or they all read my blog! Good looking sucker too.

77. Time For The Diamond $9,500
(1/12/2010 sorrel s) (One Time Pepto x Diamonds With Style x Playin Stylish)
Ok, now we're back on budget! I though this one might go higher than this because of the seller, his sire and his good looks. But he sure met our criteria and are now grazing 4Corners virtual pasture!

86. Fletch The Cash $6,000
(2/6/2010 bay s) (Royal Fletch x Mo Flo x Mr Peponita Flo)

This one might just be the find we were looking for. I think someone got a really nice horse here for a very fair price.

The one I really, really wish we could have bought though was the colt from the classic sale, Purdy Wrockin Cat, $5.400 would've been tempting if I was on site. Looks like our friends from the Waggonhound thought enough of him aswell to buy him, he is a son of their top stud WR This Cats Smart.

Kick The Cat first cow

Got her trackin a cow this morning. She did great! A little worried at first but then curiosity kicked in and when she noticed she could move `em, she got confident and really hooked on to the cow. I just had her follow the heiffer, stopping when she stopped, trotted when the cow trotted etc. All in all I'm more then pleased with her.

Annelie got some great pics for your amusement: