Friday, December 25, 2015


So yesterday it was Christmas here in Sweden. Me and the rest of my family had a really good day.
It started off with opening our stockings and then we head down to eat some breakfast.
That's one of our tradtions, that we eat breakfast together and just talk and have a great morning. Dad and Benji also played some guitare.
Then it was time to head down to the barn and start mocking and ride some horses.
Me and daddy had a little photoshoot with Cat and Okie, we put on some raindear-ears and a little santa hat on the horses and took some photos while working the cows. The horses did a great job except that Cat was a little bit crazy, but I mean that's not a suprice ;).
Benji also went up on Okie and tried to work the cows, I was just a liiiiiittle bit scared.... But I think he did a very good job! (Proud sister)
We ended the day with just relaxing in the sofa and opening some christmas gifts, the santa also came to visit Olivia ;).
Well that's our Christmas this year, I hope that all of you also had a great Christmas!
// Ida

 Okie and I
Dad and Okie
Benji and Okie

 Olivia and Fiffelina

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Having a good time!

So as you see by the title me and my family are having a really good time, the day before christmas!
My brother, Benjamin, came home from Gävle where he goes to university. Mom went to the grocerystore to by some things, dad and Olivia are making dinner and while I'm writing here Benji is singing and playing on his guitare. Such a wonderful spirit in the house!
So tomorrow I was thinking to ride Okie bareback on christmas morning, if daddy allows me ;).
Me and the family are planning to just have a nice and peaceful christmas this year, we haven't been home for christmas in years!
Well that's about it for todays blog post, see you all tomorrow i hope, if not me and everyone on 4 Corners Ranch are wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Here are som nice pictures from the past that you can enjoy.
Cat and Polly



Cat and Polly

My crazy mom

Me, My friend Felicia and Fiifelina



Dad and Benji


Furix and I

Cat, dad and Gizmo

Monday, December 21, 2015


Well, finally remembered the password for the blog thanks to Ida's persistance!
She'll be taking over some of the newsupdating duties from now on, thankfully!

A whole lot has happened in the year that has passed, some good, some not so much...

Some horses have left us, some due to age and others are sold. Idas pony Furix Five unfortunately had to be put down as he was starting to feel age and all the wear and tear from fostering a bunch of riders through the years. We sold yearling Oscietra to trainer Svante Båth and we're really happy she'll get a chance to show her stuff on the track in the coming years.

We've still got more than our share left though but things are looking good.

Me and Ida's got 4yo Okie (Spooks Nu You) to play with and she's a fantastic mare! Super nice to be around, kind as can be and still with so much smarts and potential on a cow. We won the shows we entered with both her and Kick The Cat and hopefully Okie will stay sound in 2016 and Ida can start showing a little.

Cat will hopefully join the broodmare ranks this spring along with Dualin Cherroo in the US and start producing babies for us.

Ritzy's Dream gave us another fine trotter filly this year we named Blue Jean Dream (by Blue York Yankee) and things are looking promising for her.
Ritzy, Annelie & the baby
Blue Jean Dream
Some action will probably have to be taken with our US band though as we simply have to many in training over there with a strained Swedish currency and some things we want to get done over here.

Merry Christmas!
All things considered, we're looking forward to an exciting 2016 and wish everybody a great holiday and a Merry Christmas.