Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jan 2018 update

Time for the yearly update!
With Instaface, Snapbook and all the other social media stuff making updates super quick and easy, I tend to forget the passwords and stuff to log on here for updates etc.

We've got a "bunch" (3) of new babies on the ground, yearlings now actually, and they along with all the other ponies can be found under the "Horses" heading on yer left.

They look really good so far and we're excited to watch them grow and start when the time comes.

Winter is here and we're trodding along, trying to keep the horses in somewhat of a shape, working cows on Angel when possible or jogging the racehorse some.

Ids's Final Touch has been nicked up for a couple of weeks and she's just now starting to walk him again under saddle.

Cowworking clinics will resume at Okna Ranch late Feb. and continue most weekends until May 1st. Additional cowworking clinics and lessons will be held at Long Valley Ranch every Thursday and one Saturday a month starting this week, January 18th.

Hagar was hired as a prop in a Home Electronics commercial, it should be out on TV sometime in February also, really fun to be part of a filmshoot!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

FinalTouch Z

My new partner, FinalTouch Z.

  Happy horse = happy rider!

          Look at him! In love<3 3="" br="">
// Ida

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello World, I'm here!

This precious little thing showed up yesterday morning at 5am. It's a little filly by Sannman-Kick The Cat. Olivia promptly named her Sötnos, "Cutie"in English.
Sannman-Kick The Cat filly
Now waiting on Ritzy's Dream to come down with her baby by Make It Happen. Should be any day now.

Training horses doing good. Ingers horse Candy is progressing steadily and doing what is asked of her without much fanfare.


Sky is back in business after stepping on and jamming a twigg into his frog wich kept him out of comission for a while. Doing good though and the owner will have a lot of fun with him in the future. 'nother one coming tomorrow from the same team, Lotta & Peter Lilja and we're grateful for entrusting your ponies with us!
Eddie wasn't quite right the last couple of day's and after checkup they found some issues with his hind leg. He's off for a few weeks with just walks and super light work after that.

Monday, March 20, 2017

New entry!

Got some time to kill and saw we've been terrible with the updates on here!
We're pretty busy and swomped most off the time here at the ranch, more so now that we've accepted a few outside horses in training, but more on them later.
We're eagerly awaiting the first foal of the year, should be next week sometime if all goes to plan.
Kick The Cat should be first out followed by Ritzy's Dream and Spook Nu You rounding out mid June or so. They all look fat and happy, pretty content just hanging around the bale eating.

Kick The Cat
Ritzy's Dream

Spook Nu You
 Ida has a new friend called Fille. A great looking warmblood with some potential in both dressage and jumping, he sure looks like a keeper and we're so happy for her after all the missery with her last two horses.

Gunnen Olena

My CD Olena stud Gunnen Olena is slowly but surely coming around to the idea of being a cutter. He feels great at the moment and I could probably enter him in a Cowhorse class tomorrow and walk away with a ribbon of some kind. Nice easy lope, great leadchanges and super nice transitions in the circles. We'll have none of that though as I'm really trying to see what he's got in the herdwork and later as a cutter, if he wants to. He seems to like it plenty and he's got more athletisism and agillity than I thought. He's starting to warm up to the idea of the draw and showing alittle more patience on a cow. He's holding his stops alittle longer and turning ok, nose first. Not as smart on a cow as Spook Nu You was but not as reactive, wild and out of control as Kick The Cat was at times.

Our twoyear old trotter is GROWING! She'll surely be a big mare and she hasn't figured out yet where to place her feet when the speed pics up. The trainer Jörgen isnt worried though and she'll sort it out in time.

Training horses: (will get new pics up here shortly)

First one here was Candy. A five yearold mare who's had some soundness issues previous,  stiff and bracy and not really sure what was expected of her. She responded with getting chargey, stiff and running from the problem. Silk gloves on, patiens and softness has resulted in a horse with more confidence, less brace and some pretty nice stops and turns.

Sky is a 9 year old gelding with much the same issues as Candy. A little insecure, alittle bracy but unlike the mare, when he gets insecure and stressed, he shuts down. Same approach, trying to get him relaxed and soft, taking it slow and easy and trying to give him somewhere to go has lightened him up some and he's moveing out alot better, the stop was already there so now it's just to maintain the softness through out the stop and turn.

Eddie is a 4 yo paint gelding who's thrown fits, bucked people off left and right and started to show agression. Started over from scratch with him and whe are walking, trotting and lopeing around fine. Not always pretty and perfect but he needs to trust me before we start asking him for more.

"On Loan"is Celia an older mare who's done that and been there. She's just here for a couple of weeks when her owner is on vacation. Nice mare with a bunch of cow that just needs to get more consistent. We're working more on the details with her making sure she knows where to put her feet and how to use her body in a stop and turn with a cow.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Don't know what to say....

First of all... All I wan't with this blogpost is to wright down my feelings, maybe that's odd, maybe no one will see this, but I just want to get these feelings somewhere else and I don't care if my English is wrong or not....

So my horse (well it's daddies horse) won't help me in the showpen anymore, she won't be able to even sit on...
And I'm broken in a thousand pieces, not because she won't look good in the showpen, it's because I'm so worried about that she won't be happy, because she can't even take a loop in the arena, she  can't take walks in the wood because it's too painful for her.
What if she won't be happy, and if it is so, I have to say goodbye, and I'm not sure if I can take that again in such a short time (my pony had to take his last breath last year).
She is everything to me, when she came to Sweden she was empty, when I looked into har eyes I saw nothing, but I started to brush her everyday, I took her on walks, after a couple of weeks she started to trust me, her eyes started to look alive again, and just look at her know! She screams when she see me, she love when I brush her behind her ear, she close her eyes and put her head against my chest, and what if all of this just ends one day soon? Actually, I think that's going to be too much for me to take, and I don't say that to sound selfish, it's because I don't want my best friend to disappere, to go away in the emptiness....

I know the text was very rambly, I don't even know if it's able to read....

Spook Nu You,Okie....


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


So let's talk about horses. Why am I so damn intrested in those big animals?
Well that's kinda the easiest quastion I will ever answer. I am interested in those animals because of the comunication they have, if you understand the comunication you understand the horse, if you understand the horse, the horse will understand you. I love to watch horses when they are in their pastures, it's so interesting to see how they are and how they "talk" with each other.
So if you use the horses comunication in the everyday management the horse understands you much easier and you and the horse will create a much stronger bond and the horse will more natural choose you to lead the pac.
When you've came this far the horse will "forever" trust you.
And if you think of it, it's kinda awseome to have the trust of this big animal.
The horses never choosed to have us on their backs, they never choosed to be in a stable.
So if horses and riding is going to be our lifestyle, we must treat the ones we work with (our horses) well and always do our best to take care of them. Brush them, feed them, take them on walks, have them in pastures and it's also our job to raise them well so they can feel comfortable about the situation we put them in, and never ever do something that will hurt them, because they never choosed to have this life.
// Ida




Brady and Avenir 




Mum and Nickan 

Divan and Polly

Divan, Cat, Ritzy and Polly

Dad and Chiko



Mum and Ritzy

Friday, December 25, 2015


So yesterday it was Christmas here in Sweden. Me and the rest of my family had a really good day.
It started off with opening our stockings and then we head down to eat some breakfast.
That's one of our tradtions, that we eat breakfast together and just talk and have a great morning. Dad and Benji also played some guitare.
Then it was time to head down to the barn and start mocking and ride some horses.
Me and daddy had a little photoshoot with Cat and Okie, we put on some raindear-ears and a little santa hat on the horses and took some photos while working the cows. The horses did a great job except that Cat was a little bit crazy, but I mean that's not a suprice ;).
Benji also went up on Okie and tried to work the cows, I was just a liiiiiittle bit scared.... But I think he did a very good job! (Proud sister)
We ended the day with just relaxing in the sofa and opening some christmas gifts, the santa also came to visit Olivia ;).
Well that's our Christmas this year, I hope that all of you also had a great Christmas!
// Ida

 Okie and I
Dad and Okie
Benji and Okie

 Olivia and Fiffelina

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Having a good time!

So as you see by the title me and my family are having a really good time, the day before christmas!
My brother, Benjamin, came home from Gävle where he goes to university. Mom went to the grocerystore to by some things, dad and Olivia are making dinner and while I'm writing here Benji is singing and playing on his guitare. Such a wonderful spirit in the house!
So tomorrow I was thinking to ride Okie bareback on christmas morning, if daddy allows me ;).
Me and the family are planning to just have a nice and peaceful christmas this year, we haven't been home for christmas in years!
Well that's about it for todays blog post, see you all tomorrow i hope, if not me and everyone on 4 Corners Ranch are wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Here are som nice pictures from the past that you can enjoy.
Cat and Polly



Cat and Polly

My crazy mom

Me, My friend Felicia and Fiifelina



Dad and Benji


Furix and I

Cat, dad and Gizmo