Sunday, March 2, 2014

March is here...

Loooong, slow trailrides on the agenda lately. Kick The Cat has been pretty highstrung and super busy lately. Worried about everything and especially the cows. Not getting any better though we've spent countless hours in the herd, slow and easy roping and just mulling around. So I decided to rest her from them for awhile and just have her comeback to earth. A little improvement the last couple of days so we'll keep it up for awhile longer.

We're looking to ship the bulls here in a while as it's time to get some fresh cattle in and they're getting pretty full of themselves also and starting to challenge you whenever they can.

The new fillies have arrived at Todds and are doing pretty good. It was a long haul from Oklahoma and they are stalled up now for the first time aswell so Todd is taking it easy with them. The 2yo Dualin Cherroo has been saddled and flagged around some and the 3yo Spook Nu You or "Okie" has been ridden alittle. Busy times at Todds with the calvings starting also.


Other good news, Todd rode Hagar yesterday for the first time since the injury and he's doing great!
Fingers crossed, but it looks promising!

The yearling filly SDP Fourina C is enjoying the sun after a pretty tough Texas winter! She's headed for Greg Smith's in Idaho after the Super Stakes in April so we'll have all of them in the same state atleast ;)