Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hottish again

Hottish & Lloyd Cox
Hottish and Lloyd Cox comes out on top in the Breeders Invitational Derby. A strong run with some of the stallions signature freakish athletic moves, earned him the championships with a 223.5 score. Reserve went to Thundercat and Matt Miller scoring a 221 from the first bunch. Thundercat made the finals by winning the Wild Card round Thursday on a 222. Hottish, by Spots Hot-Stylish Play Lena, earned close to $70.000 with the win and has now $150.000 in earnings. His dam needs a few lines also, the great Stylish Play Lena earned $265.000 for Lloyd Cox before being retired to the broodmare band. Wins in West Texas Futurity, Abilene Spectacular 5/6, Memphis 5/6 and NCHA Classic/Challenge to name a few of her scalps. As a producer she sure is leaving a mark also with colts like Halreycious $227,000, Reydiculous $147.000, Stylish Rey $30.000 (and a strong debute as a sire) and now Hottish.

Gotta run, heading to Solvalla Racetrack for the $800.000 Elitlopp!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

BI Derby finals field

Official scores and the final 25 in the Breeders Invitational Derby.

 Theese 25 plus the top 2 from the Wild Card round yesterday, Thundercat & Matt Miller and Boyd Rice & CR Sun Reys head to the finals Saturday.
Thundercat, WC score 222
CR Sun Reys, WC score 221.5

Kick The Cat worked the flag yesterday and as good as she is, she can be an equal pain. She's in heat and whimsier then ever. A focusspan of about 1.5 seconds then her mind wonders off to some other solarsystem. When the critter moves and she can challange it, she's ON! When I ask her to wait for it....well, the ground, roofbeams and whatever else in there holds more interest then the flag.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Up next, BI 4yo Derby and the Elitlopp

Hectic period now. We're heading in to the Elitlopp weekend starting today with 15 races, Select Yearling auction and races Friday and two jampacked racedays Saturday & Sunday. Bunch of stuff to get ready for customers before then.

Thankfully the day's are long this time of year and we still manage to keep the mares going. Have added a couple of rides on Polly. She still gets mad when asked to move a body part somewhere other than forward but hasn't tried to go down again. She's getting better ever so slowly and I'm sticking with the calm and patient, grin, whistle and ride approach. Kick The Cat feels awsome! It has clicked  for her and she sure knows her job. Just gotta keep her from overworking the situation and getting out of possition. Annelie's been training Ritzy 5 day's aweek now (speedwork twice a week) and the mare looks great! A few more weeks and then a more serious test at the track.

The Breeders Invitationals derby go's are in the books and top 20+ties and wildcard winner will square off in the finals later in the week. Great runs from a bunch of LAE finalists from earlier in the year. Some "new" names also wich makes it all the more interesting.

Kit Kat Sugar
Bonanza champion Kit Kat Sugar & Pete Branch "won" the goarounds heading in to Saturdays Breeders Invitational 4yo Derby. A cumulative score of 440.  Grant Setnicka & Cat Belue, Matt Gaines & Smooth N Catacular and Craig Thompsons Oh Cay Do Over tied for 2nd with a 436.5. Craigs Futurity Champion Oh Miss Caroline missed the finals by 1.5 pts as did other notables like Ronnie Rices Jewel Bars Cat, Michael Coopers Jae Bar One Time, Sean Flynns Rey N Style Boyd Rices CR Sun Reys to name a few.
Cat Belue

Smooth N Catacular
The bubble should be around 433, but before the scores are final we won't know for sure. 

Leaderboard right now:
Kit Kat Sugar 440
Cat Belue 436.5
Oh Cay Do Over 436.5
Smooth N Catacular 436.5
Cinca de Maya 435.5
Time To Hangem 435
Peptos Supercat 434.5
WR Jillaroo 434.5
High Up Cat 434
Look The Look 434
 Betty Greyble 433.5
Once In A Blue Boon 433.5
Proud Lil Pepto 433.5
Spoon Fulla Cat 433.5
Austin Rey 433
Fay Reys Sis 433
Hottish 433
Juni Bob Jones 433
Katarack 433
Tassajara Magic 433

Of the remaining I really like Cinca de Maya (5th) and Austin Shepards Time To Hangem (6th). 
Also John Mitchells Look The Look and Lloyd Cox's super stylish Hottish should be up there in the finals top money. I'm rooting hard for James Payne & Once In a Blue Boon who I really like, might not have enough to threaten the favorites, but I really like the horse.
Cinca de Maya

Time To Hangem

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Polly

The girls are enjoying the grass sprouting and Polly especially is putting on weight.

Polly & Kick The Cat
Annelie's Ritzy
Worked with La Flor del Viento again today with Annelie taking some pics. 5th ride and a little more eventful than originally planned!
 She has her moments protesting and sometimes she really tries to pick a fight. This time she didn't lit into bucking, just hopping around some before throwing herself to the ground like a kid in a grocery store.

I gently held her down for a minute when she wanted to get up, just to let her know I who's paying for her feed. 

Got her on her feet, brushed her off, straightened the rig and climbed aboard. She was better the second time around and let me bend her and move her a little. I'm not saying she was happy with it, but she took what I offered without blowing up again.


 She's moving pretty good and the stop feels nice and natural and I think she'll be a great little horse when all is said and done. I really like her and she's keeping me on my toes also, making sure I do my job.

Good finish and a more relaxed pony heading home.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

La Flor del Viento

Polly, March groundwork

Finished off the evening putting another ride on my 2yo filly La Flor del Viento or "Polly" for short. She's a real caracter this one! She gets mad and let's you know it but after just stickin with it and not making it a big deal, just patiently keep asking and waiting, she caves and you get her working with you. It might be the double "Little Peppy"in her speaking, but I think that little bit of an edge in her will serve her well down the road. She's by Peeka Pep who's double bred Royal Blue Boon (Peptoboonsmal-Peek A Boon) and out of a Bad Peppy Lena mare (Peppy San Badger-Smart Little Lena sister).
Polly, March groundwork

She's a lot stockier than my 3yo Kick The Cat and without the anxiousness and nerves. This was maybe our 4th ride, the third had us buckin around the arena pretty good for a minute or two as she didn't agree with my spurs. She's doing really well so far and has that big, bright off switch I like in my horses, meaning you can go from a thousand miles an hour to a relaxed standstill with just a whoa, really nice. She's started in my 3/4" latigo bosal for now and how she responds to that will determine if we go to a snaffle or stick with the Californio all the way. She'll be headed for the cutting pen at first but if she won't let me use her without brace I'll probably stick a snaffle in there and come back to the bosal later. She's a fun horse to work with none the less.

Breeders Invitational Non-Pro is in full swing with the Classic 2nd round today. 2 aquantances we're rooting x-tra for in there with Brandon Dufurrena & Nievas, scoring a 217.5 in the 1st go, and Kade Smith & One Stylish Spot, 216. About 25 head to the finals Friday. Mondays Special 5 champion Sly Playgirl with Luis De Armas in the saddle leads the pack with a 220 in the 1st go.

Monday, May 14, 2012


And there it is!
Been tooting Sly Playgirls horn for awhile now and finally she went all the way. An exciting Breeders Invitational Special 5 final where Jaime Sniders mare worked next to last in the second set. Up to that point Michael Coopers SDP Locked N Loaded had just held of One Time Royalty for the lead.  

Sly Playgirl earned it with super strong runs through out the gorounds. A hot quit in the Classic finals last night spoiled her chances there though. A score of 224 secured the lead in the Special 5 and when Lindy Burch & Louellas Cat struck out, loosing a cow, the win and the $66.000 check was officially Sly Playgirls.

SDP Locked N Loaded also gave us a thrilling run that payed a 221.5 and looked like a winner when he managed to hold off yesterday's champ, One Time Royalty for the reserve championship but Jaime Sniders mare left him 2.5 Big points behind.
Lloyd Cox and One Time Roalty marked a 220.5 in his 4th go in 4 day's, claiming third. He did his job without flaw but working time and degree of difficulty fell short of the top two. I bet the $58.000 total soothes the pain  though!


BI Classic Finals

Again, great cutting in the BI Classic finals last night. One Time Royalty picked up the second win of his career after being close the last couple of shows. The One Time Pepto stud was starting to look like a "one show wonder" after a subpar 4yo campaign in 2011. This year he's showed he's back and last night was ready for his first win since the 2010 Futurity.

One Time Royalty

Lloyd Cox made really great cuts as always and One Time Royalty showed off his signature smooth moves and excellent possition on a cow. They were rewarded with a 224.5 score to secure the win ahead of "my" two mares Stylish Martini 223 and Special Nu Baby 222.

Special Nu Baby

Stylish Martini


  Sly Playgirl
 My other potential winner, Sly Playgirl ended up cutting way to soft cows. The second one was a real run killer and she finished on a modest 215. She's up again tonight, as is One Time Royalty, in the Special 5 finals, a division for the horses entered in last years 4 yo BI. That show was cancelled due to the EHV outbreak.

The second rd winner Special Nu Baby was my "moral" winner as she was the strongest overall contestant over the 2 go's and the finals. The second round was one of the greatest cuttings I've ever seen topped by Speceial Nu Babys 227.5, but a grand total of 25 contestants scored 219 or better!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Went to a cutting clinic with Kick The Cat today. First time away from home! An hours drive to friend Görans place and worked a morning and an afternoon session. She was pretty good the mare. A bil anxious and worried but settled down somewhat for the afternoon work. I was really pleased with the way she worked though and she's making progress. She'll be off for a few day's now before we step it up again.

Waiting for the BI classic finals here in a bit. Super strong performances in the 2nd go yesterday!! It took a combined score of 437.5 to reach the finals! thats's a 73 average over two go's. Three of my predicted mares was in the top 9 out of a field of 237 horses. Stylish Martini looks good as does Sly Playgirl but  Special Nu Baby and Matt Gaines really poured it on yesterday! A 227.5 in a run that had it all, speed, turns aplenty and tough challenging cows. A repeat will probably get you the top check in the finals in about an hour.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girls alright...

Our ladies are doing really good. Annelie worked out Ritzy on the straightaway again this morning and she was even better than last time. Smooth gaited and feels really strong and powerful. They'll probably keep to the straighaway for a couple of weeks before it's time to haul to the racetrack for some heats in race-tempo.

Kick The Cat feels solid also. Gave her another easy workout on the pro-cutter last night and she's starting to get it. Will bring her to a cutting clinic tomorrow just for the experiance as she's barely been off of this place.

BI day 2

Wow, some spectacular cutting yesterday!

Rascal Cats & Wes Galyean tops the 1st goround after an impressive 224. Rascal Cats was entry nr 234 out of 237 entries in the classic and working as nr 12 in the 16th set! Great runs also by One Time Royalty and Austin Shepards Cat In Ya Dreams both marking 223.5:s. Of the mares I liked beforehand, Jaime Sniders Sly Playgirl also produced with a 221.5.

Dropouts of note, Wiley Cat lost a cow as did Moms Stilish Cat and SVR Reyl Smart, Light N Lily and Indian Rick's runs were subpar and leaves them out of the 2nd go. 

Cat In Ya Dreams

One Time Royalty

Rascal Cats
Josh King & Shes A High Brow is movin on to the 2nd go along with Walton mares Rose Rey and Sally Cats Hot who both scored 215.5.

Friday, May 11, 2012

BI day one

If my Breeders Invitational Classic prediction yesterday is to come true the ladies will have to pick it up some. They mostly looked good but some of their male adversarys looked really sharp. Most notably so 5yo Cat Ichi gelding EE Ichi Bar & Tommy Marvin. The pair scored a strong 223 to take the lead after half the field have completed the first go. I don't know if it factors in, but he's owned by the cattle supplier for the BI, Bill & Dianna Helm!
Miss Peptonstiletos
 As far as "my" mares go Special Nu Baby scored a solid 218 and looked super strong. Stylish Martini and Roger Wagner 217.5 and also looked on her toes. Good to see Ed Dufurrena & Nievas making the cut with a 218.5! Josh King and Shes A High Brow is borderline to make it I think with a 215, here's hoping he does! (sidenote: Swedish aquaintance Andy Adams is one of the judges in this one.) 120+ties advance and 60 horses scored a 215 or higher after yesterdays round. Jaime Snider had another great mare, Miss Peptonstiletos score big yesterday with a 220.5. Unfortunately Tim Smith and My Lizzy Babe was alittle off and had a pretty soft run scoring 213 and probably will have a hard time making it to the 2nd go. Other notable dropouts, Rocking W lost a cow with 40 seconds left but never really looked in sync. 2011 Super Stakes winner Olenasduallyfeather also drew a blank with Clint Allen in the saddle.
2011 Derby winner Indian Rick

Today the 1st round continues with more outstanding horses! One Rockin Pepto, Reys Desire, Little Pepto Cat, Wiley Cat, One Time Royalty, Light N Lily, Sly Playgirl, George C Merada, Moms Stilish Cat, SVR Reyl Smart, Cat Man Blue, Indian Rick, Blue One Time and Rascal Cats to name "a few".

2010 Futurity Non-Pro champ One Rockin Pepto

Personally I'm keeping an x-tra eye on Rocking W Ranch's Rose Rey and Sally Cats Hot as I looked at some yearlings out of them earlier this year.
Boon San-Rose Rey colt, Mr Sam W.

Sally Cats Hot

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making strides

Kick The Cat was the best I've ever felt her last night. Really took a hold of the cow but still let me guide and support her when needed. She kept her cool and didn't go bezerk when things heated up a little. I didn't work her long or hard and made sure we quit in a good place, really, really pleased with her!
Breeders Invitational 5/6 Classic division starts today. Super strong field as not many of the top contestants are missing. Though some really decorated stallions are in there, like recent Super Stakes Champion Cat Man Blue and former Futurity Champs Rocking W and One Time Royalty, I really think this one will be settled among a handful of extremely talented mares. Tim Smith climbs aboard My Lizzy Babe again, and this pair I really like. Tough & gritty Sly Playgirl and Jaime Snider I have second followed by 2011 Derby Champion Stylish Martini & Roger Wagner along with Matt Gaines and Special Nu Baby. Another top mare in the hunt is Lee Francois 2011 Super Stakes Champion Reys Desire.

My Lizzy Babe
Special Nu Baby

Sly Playgirl
Stylish Martini

Reys Desire
Another participant we'll keep an x-tra eye on is Josh King & Shes A High Brow. Josh and his wife Amy Welsh King will conduct a clinic here in Sweden May 31st to June 3rd.
Shes A High Brow & Josh King