Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hakan for president!!

Just talked to a friend of mine who participated in a cowhorse clinic over the weekend.
He said the clinic started ok on saturday with good drills and allright cattle. But when it was time for a rate exercise, things got outa hand with both dangerous situations and fresh cattle being worked to death more or less.

He descided he´d had enough and took his horse and headed home, RESPECT!

You paid a bunch of money to get some things done, learn and get better, but when who ever´s responsible for safety of the livestock and riders, ignores the fact, he had the balls to say no. Good for him!
Not to many people would do that in this day and age.

Come on, it´s 2010!!

Really, who´s idea was the heelknot on a bosal?!!! It´s 2010, shouldn´t there be a more hi-tech solution to this mess? This heelknot business is just ridiculous! Under two, over three, under five, over two under two over three under five...... jeeeez!!!

You start to appreciate the craftsmen and women who dedicate their lives to the art of braiding!
If I was to price this bosal on fits and grey hairs alone, we´re talking in the $1000!!!
(by quality of workmanship, maybe not as much...)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tying off

Roped some and worked Brady in the snow yesterday. Worked on doctoring situations where youre alone. Roped, dallied, dragged and then dismounted to tie off and have him take responsibility for keeping the rope tight.
Brady holding tight
He was pretty good. We have worked on it some in the past but it´s been awhile now. Not much else you can do in the conditions we have now with deep snow everywhere and to slippery to be stampeeding the cows.

This is where the beauty of the Wade tree comes in.
Horn with lip in front, Romals on top
Stout enough horn and a lip in infront that when you tie off, the dallies and neck-lock keeps the rope locked down tight.
Brady holding (not so) tight
Here Brady is in the two rein with a Bill Black center hung bosalita, Gist Moonshank bit with a San Joaquin mouth. The Wade saddle was built for Richard Caldwell by Don Beagle. It features a seat that sits closer to the horse than normal, free moving stirrup leathers for more fast paced cowwork like in the arena. A really, really nice saddle that suits me and my needs perfectly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tribute to L.T.

As most of you know, I´m a major football fan. It´s a sad day in Chargerland as San Diegos runningback icon, LaDanian Tomlinson, was released today!

After 9 tremendous seasons (normally a runningback last 3-4 seasons) he was let go as productivity was declining and he´s getting up in years.

He hold 28 team records, numerous NFL records and will probably keep braking them albeit not as a Charger.

Thank You L.T. for all you´ve given us Chargerfans through the years!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bosal project..

I actually took the project of the shelf yesterday during the snowstorm. (I feel the preassure Brandie!) Not much else to do, so I braided for awhile. One more pass to go on the nosebutton to get the herringbone pattern, then it´s on to heelknot.

Here are some pics on request

Ida actually took this one with my bazooka of a camera. She could hold it up just long enough to snap a few...

First pass

Firts pass, if the braiding gets crooked blame the guy in the background!!!

Second pass

Fourth pass

Our Sunday

Some pics from Sunday

Yours truly
Ida wading through the snow with her doll

Queen of the hill!!

or not....
After the snowstorm subsided this morning, Ida and I spent the day fooling around in the snow, taking pics of the horses and just chilling on the couch. A LOT of snow to showel out of the driveway too.

The fillies are just plain wild at the moment but really fun to watch, playing around in the snow.
Cat, Diva and Molly

Kick the Cat

Sweet Lil Angel aka "Molly"

They even got old Avenir and Brady started.


Avenir & Brady

Peppy is getting BIG and doesn´t move unless she has to.
Peppy and the Milliondollar tummy

Friday, February 19, 2010

More snow...

Annelie is still at her moms, and Ida and I are holding down the fort.

The forecast is predicting more snow today and tomorrow. As much as 2 feet could come down on saturday. Not sure how that will affect us, but I piled up on groceries at the store this morning incase they won´t be able to keep the roads open.

Gave Brady a workout yesterday. With snow up to his belly we worked on softness and lightness. Also on having him take responsibillity for maintaining speed and gait. To make it harder for him, we were out in the summer pastures where he normaly is a bit chargy. As soon as he sped up I broke him down to a stop and had him back circles. After a few of those in the deep snow he descided charging off just wasn´t that much fun.
Ida & Fiffilina
Ida rode Fiffelina bareback and they seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously in the snow.

I really enjoy watching the fillys out in the pasture. My two girls are so different, both in conformation and their disposition. Molly is as pretty as they come, but a more compact model. Cat on the other hand is more elegant and graceful in her apearance. She´s more confident and almost alittle pushy at times so you really have to be firm with her. Molly is more withdrawn, like her mother and brother P.J. and while Cat glides around, head held high, Molly, when she moves it´s more of an explosion. She slammes on the brakes does a 180, airborne, just like that. Kick the Cat & Sweet Lil Angel

As things look now Molly will be more of a cutter type and Cat looks like a really promising bridle horse prospect as long as I can keep her light and responsive.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lasse in memoriam...

It just keeps mounting doesn´t it!

Last night we got word that Annelies moms husband died of a heart attack.

Just a few years ago they lost Annelies father, and now this...

Annelie is going home to Sundsvall today to be with her mom for as long as she needs her, I´m staying home to take care of Ida and the horses.

We loved you Lasse, and you leave a void in our hearts. Though at times, you got on our nerves with your constant babbling and hyper activity, we surely will miss you.

I can´t imagine what Ingvor is going through but our thoughts and prayers are with her!

Sea of Destiny

Seagulls sparkle in the wind
Like diamonds in the sky,

They dip and soar and ride the crests

Of waves, that roll on by.

My ship they follow on the sea

And guide me through the storms,

To reach my quest and keep me safe,

A seeker, not forlorn.

With open eyes I follow blind,

The seagulls leading me,

Until I reach, what I must find,

The sea of destiny.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Video...

Trying to publish it again...

Monday, February 15, 2010

The dam factor...

Peppy & Molly
Theese are my thoughts on the damside of a studs pedigree and why I choose the studs I do.

I truly believe the dam accounts for apr. 2/3 of the offsprings success. Why? The importance of the mares contribution is underestimated and the key in my opinion, to breeding a foal with the inherant traits for future success is, of course, determined by both the dam and studs pedigree and the proven caharacteristics that are present in their DNA. But the mental makeup of the mare shapes the foal during the entire course of it´s life until weaning. Conformation, movement, temperament and trainability are all highly heritable but since the stud alway´s pass on one set of chromosmes from it´s mother but not alway´s one from daddy, the studs damside in my opinion matters more than the topside.

Another aspect is the fact that a stallion can have hundreds of offspring in a season, but a mare usually is limited to one shot a year to leave a mark. The topside of a pedigree usually is loaded with performers and great athletes, otherwise they wouldn´t be sires, but the damside is usually overlooked.

I want my studs to be loaded on the bottom. From a line that has constantly produces great horses, not limited to performers, but good or great individuals. Ofcourse they have to compliment my mare and if possible ad too her, but it´s alot easier to enhance the good qualitys than it is to overcome a deficiency, Ex. You´ll probably not get a 15 hand horse if you breed your 14 hand mare to a 16 hand stud. But if you breed your great hocked mare to a stud with equally impressive hocks, 9 times outa 10 your offspring also will posess that trait.
Justa Bita Pep
So to analyze my most recent choice: I have a "Little Peppy"/Smart Little Lena bred mare with Poco Tivio and running blood mixed with King, and King Ranch Old Sorrel blood on the bottom. She´s 14.3 or there abouts. Good withers, nice, clean neck. Good croup, hocks and muscling. She could use better bone, nothing major but still. Her feet are good but she is a bit thin soled. She´s a little reserved with integrity, as a lot of Little Peppys. She´s extremely athletic and has all of the moves wich she passes along to her babies. Since I aim to raise cowhorses with potential in the arena, I need the stud to also be athletic and with all the other possitive atributes of my mare. Then I start looking for things that might impove my mares deficiences.
Peeka Pep
So what I found was the stud Peeka Pep, of partly the same breeding as my mare with Peptoboonsmal (Peppy San Badger)on Peek A Boon, a Smart Little Lena mare. Now, what to me is intriguing is that the Peeka Peps 2nd dam is Royal Blue Boon who also happens to be Peptoboonsmals dam, thus doubling Royal Blue Boons influence! Now, I admit this is cutting it pretty close, but If you are careful, and know what you´re doing you have created a genepool wich to draw from for generations. What Peeka Pep brings to the equation (he has 2 crops of performance age, 2 Futury Finalists and a bunch of other limited age event finalists from only 45 horses.) is good withers, good neck, croup, hocks, very defined muscling, nice strong back and a very good trainable mind! In essence I´ve multiplied the mares good traits and hopefully improve some in areas she´s lacking, namely really good bone and feet.
This is what the pedigree would look like

Theoretically, each mature reproductive cell carries a gene for every inheritable characteristic (the progeny receives a set of genes from each of its parents). Therefore, when a breeding horse has even one pair of chromosomes matched, the consistency of that type produced in its foals increases, notably! As the number of matched pairs of chromosomes in a breeding horse increases, so does the uniformity of foals produced! Note: The same is true for unwanted traits! so you have to cull every individual who display´s these negative traits!

In my opinion this inbreeding, if closely watched, might strengthen the offsprings ability to produce desirable traits. For me it ends here though, and next generation will be an outcross, but with an individual who posess the same possitive traits as above and a strong damside.

Below is a presentation of the leading cutting dams to date. Cutting bred horses seem to dominate the three major disciplines, cutting, cowhorse and reining so that´s where I look for stud prospects.
Royal Blue Boon
Top Cutting dams

Rank Horse # of performers Average Total

1. ROYAL BLUE BOON 17 $153,688 $2,612,701
Red White And Boon, $922,063; Bet Yer Blue Boons, $350,615; Autumn Boon, $258,185; Duals Blue Boon, $197,449; Peptoboonsmal, $180,487; Peppys From Heaven, $142,956; Royal Red Boon (DNA), $126,454; TH Royal Red Peppy, $122,800; Royal Blue Dually, $86,394; Peek A Boon, $81,143; November Dove, $77,339; Smartest Little Lena, $29,943; Mecom Blue, $19,071; Laredo Roan, $8,289; Dualin Boonjos, $4,838

2. PLAYBOYS RUBY 12 $132,055 $1,584,659
Jack Ruby (DNA), $257,779; Little Janey Lena, $234,855; Playin CDs, $216,931; Ruby Tuesday DNA, $216,416; Smart Little Jerry, $197,389; Ruby Bagonia, $114,255; Ruby Doo Too, $108,617; CD Grumpy Doc, $93,441; Ruby Dee Dna, $82,891; Ruby Red Cat, $37,858; KR Ravishing Ruby, $16,669; Ruby Reyn, $7,558

3. LANEY DOC 17 $85,527 $1,453,951
Cat Ichi, $306,191; Four Acres, $259,032; Laker Doc, $183,323; Meradas Dee Jay, $159,860; Goran, $142,576; Kodo, $101,925; Laney Rey Too, $96,853; Laney O Lena, $48,622; Tracker Jones, $35,045; Monarcat, $33,506; Laneys Hick, $25,669; Hava Dock Rocker, $21,567; Yaega, $13,912; Catalaney, $11,126; Sooner Or Laney, $9,340

4. JAZABELL QUIXOTE 25 $49,587 $1,239,669
July Jazz, $302,523; Smart Lil Jazalena, $145,809; Royal Serena Belle, $124,196; Jazzy Joe Lena, $116,877; Jazzy Little Giant, $99,711; Hickoryote, $81,946; WSR Jazz Em Up, $66,173; Dual Jazz, $60,371; Docs All That Jazz, $39,692; Cyrano De Jazarac, $35,673; Beau Jazz, $27,950; Jazzy Starlena, $25,731; Jazzy Lynn, $22,641; Sons Royal Jazabell, $19,987; Play Some Jazz, $15,659

5. LYNX MELODY 16 $75,857 $1,213,719
Shania Cee, $406,697; Cattin, $137,811; Sneakin Cee, $135,542; Crackin, $133,084; Shinin Melody, $70,975; Melody Lena, $60,642; Little Peppy Cee, $55,541; Docs Accident, $51,491; A Peppys Melody, $39,911; Martina Cee, $36,534; Sweet Swingin Melody, $33,479; Snappin Cee, $20,652; Shakin Cee, $16,064; Swingin, $14,875; Twistin Cee, $219

6. THE SMART LOOK 12 $96,594 $1,159,129
Dual Smart Rey, $330,436; WR This Cats Smart, $236,474; One Smart Lookin Cat, $226,122; Smart Lookin Hi Brow, $221,929; WR Smart Hickory, $68,022; SDP Looky Lue, $22,918; Dual Smart Pep, $17,717; WR Smart N Hickory, $16,357; WR Smart Lookin Dot, $15,241; Lookin Up High, $3,413; Smart Look N Pepto, $280; Look At That Look, $220

7. SMART PEPPY 9 $128,196 $1,153,762
Smart Little Lena, $743,275; Smart Peppy Doc, $120,537; Oh How Smart, $119,779; Ill Be Smart, $77,739; Dox Smart Chance, $53,217; Dox Cow Smart, $23,883; Smart Hickory, $10,298; Smart Peppy Lena, $3,504; Sevens Tari Pep, $1,528

8. THAT SMARTS 12 $90,929 $1,091,154
Pappion Cat, $379,815; That Cool Cat, $241,724; A Hocus Pocus Cat, $166,568; That Sly Cat, $104,893; That Catomine, $93,851; All That N Cat, $50,265; That Smarty Cat, $16,147; Cat Smarts, $14,536; That Red Feather, $14,190; Red Like That, $8,422; Thatl Do Cat, $624; That Pretty Boy, $119

9. BOON SAN SALLY 14 $76,536 $1,071,503
Boon San Kitty, $555,504; RW Sallycat, $143,731; Boon San Lena, $120,966; Shorty San Lena, $56,857; Boon San, $55,562; Boon San Cat, $50,505; Smart Little Sally, $46,983; Boon San Sam, $22,345; Boon San Sal, $6,769; Ristoboon (DNA), $4,861; Boon San Acre, $4,826; Boons Merada, $1,760; Mr San Sally, $432; Sweet Sally San, $401

10. AUTUMN BOON 15 $68,089 $1,021,334
Im Countin Checks, $514,757; Boon A Little, $122,245; Wild Thing DNA, $109,061; Absolutely Stunning, $107,877; Boogie Boon, $49,198; Picante Boon, $18,821; Awesome Autumn, $18,475; Royal Blue Autumn, $17,682; Blue Autumn Baby, $15,463; Little Autumn DNA, $14,335; Lil Autumn Splendor, $11,294; Bedevil, $9,426; U Wanna Play, $8,948; Autumn Dual, $3,589; Autumn Blue, $163

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Monday on Friday

Well, by now you all know how my weeks been, so it will not come as a surprise when I tell you that the cable pulling the ferry to our island broke yesterday!!! Now, this is an ISLAND so without ferry no-go-nowhere! The cable broke with Ben on one side and me waiting to pick him up on the other, ferry stuck in the middle of the channel.

To make matters worse, the bus Ben took to get there was taken out of duty and wouldn´t let him ride back to town. He had to wait for another bus to pick him up some 40 minutes later and take him back to his mothers. The cable was repaired at 2 AM so now it´s up and running again, thank god.

Today however was a good one. The horses are behaving and we had a solid workout today, Brady and I. Worked on some basic stuff first, stopping, drawing, turning etc and then turned a few cows in the snow. He was ok and I can´t wait for the snow to melt so we can really get down to business!

Results of the first day of Bonanza:

5/6 open:
1st Go Score Horse Name Rider 1st Go Pay


Friday, February 12, 2010


My bosal braiding project has litterally been put on the shelf for a couple of weeks, but now I saw my good friend Jeremy has almost completed braiding one and thus I feel the preassure and hereby wow to complete mine during this decade!! (thank god it´s only 2010)


The Bonanza cutting starts today with several intriguing matchups. In the 5/6 open Phil Rapps Dont Look Twice will square of with Kobie Woods Boon Too Suen and a bunch of other hopefuls.

In the 4 yearold open, 2009´s Futurity winner Rockin W face Reminate, champion of this years Abileene spectacular.

here´s a link to the webcast:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Selling horses, or not

I had a talk with a very good friend of mine about breeding and selling horses here in Sweden. I realized what a limited market we have over here. Now, this is just my thoughts on the subject and if I ruffle some feathers and tick some of you off, I´m sorry but I didn´t mean you, I ment your neighbour!

First, the attributes I look for in a horse is, in order of importance to me: disposition, breeding, how they move and conformation.

Disposition to me equals trainability and in the end how successful you will be, no matter the discipline. If a horse has the heart and try, you´ll achieve so much more and limit the grief and frustration. Even if you´ll never leave your ranch and go show, dispossition is key to a happy partnership.

I try to breed and raise horses with the best possible breeding my limited budget can afford. But there´s a reason a stud and/or his offspring has won $$$$ and often the bloodlines carry the disposition/trainability and movement through generations. Thats why I rather pay a little x-tra than go with the neighbours stud who´s pretty and cheap. And really, when you raise such a limited number of foals a year as I do you have to limit the chances you take and I really can´t afford to many misses.

In this business you have to be patient and have a plan. If I´ve learned anything over the years it is that without a plan you really can´t reach your goals. So when you find that great mare that really throws babies that makes you proud, hold on to her and have a PLAN with your breeding. Descide what type of colts you want, what traits you look for and look for studs that compliment your mare and what she throws. Don´t just go with your trainers or neighbours stud because it´s convenient.

The way they move is really the way you maximize your performance. By this I mean athletisism, style and natural ability etc. If you have a horse that gives you his all and allway´s tries hard, there´s still going to be a limit to what he physically can do. I´ll also admit there´s nothing more frustrating than a horse who has all of the above but no heart and try! That´s why I place more value on those traits than I do movement, but it´s still the limit of your horses ability.

Conformation is really the last thing on my list, but the first thing I look at and the first thing that disqualifies a horse in my mind. Conformational defects that I believe leads to a weak or injury prone induvidual or something that will seriously limit his physical ability to perform, allway´s makes me pass. However, I´ve seen more than one individual with crooked legs, too long pasterns, hocks way off the ground, low headset, high headset, big uggly headed monsters be champions. Heart and try often outweighs defects in conformation, as long as they can stay sound.

Now to the heart of the matter:

After all the efforts and costs involved in producing the kind of horses I would like to own and ride, to whom do I sell the offspring?

The fact is there´s not many people out there who, in my opinion have what it takes to maximize the horses potential. How many Swedish trainers do you see taking a colt from scratch to the winners cirkle at major events? All I see are imported older horses with years of training and showing from the majors abroad, most often USA. Ok, to some extent you still gotta train `em and keep them going, but to me the signature of a TRAINER is starting a colt and taking it all the way, and to do it repeatedly. At a show I wish I could say man, that guy´s horses look really good and then look at their papers and see © SweMade! I don´t know, but seems to me we have way, way too many World Champions here who actually never even been to the World Show! There of course are exceptions, and you all know who you are! The sad thing is most of these WorldChums have a following of non-pros, clients and what not who´s supposed to learn from their masters (Scary Thought!!) do I want to sell to them? My friend who I discussed this matter with has come to the conclusion that he rather sell his horses to a good home out in the sticks than to a self professed master of the universe, I tend to agree with him...but still I´ve really put my heart and soul, not to mention money, in to this colt and would relly like to see him do what he´s bred for...

To close out this long rant, wich probably won´t make me any new friends or bring any customers:

I, by no means what so ever, claim to be a trainer and have absolutely no such aspirations but I do know horses and I have been around enough great horsemen in my day to recognize one!

Please show a more humble attitude and realize we can all get better, me especially...

How many Monday´s are there in a week?

Felt like another Monday yesterday! After the traumatic experience with the dentist appointment on regular Monday, Tuesday started out with one of the horses showing colic-like symptoms. She pawed, laid down, rolled, kicked at her stomach, all the classic signs so we had to walk her around until it finally got better.

The carpenters we´ve got remodelling our bathroom is another sorry chapter. They started out great with tearing everything out and doing the groundwork on the bathroom and Bens´ new room. After that they kinda slowed down and not much progress was made for a week or two. On top of that one of them quit the other day with some personal problems. Now we are in week FIVE!! and the costs just keep mounting! The remaining guy called in some outside help for the tileing and they´ve been working for three day´s straight, pulling 12-14 hour day´s. Problem is the kitchen, entrance and livingroom is covered with tools, tile-groute, buckets and a thick layer of dust. Try cooking, eating and getting the kids ready for school in that mess!!

To top it off Annelie totaled her car on the way home yesterday and we had to get her a rental this morning. Getting her car towed to the shop today, More bills....

Phew, got exhausted just typing all of that...

On the good side .....trying.....wait......oh yes, ...nope, never mind...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just another Monday...

Started out with a dentist appointment as I had a tooth in need of some reconstruction. Half of it came out during Bens birthday dinner last week and today I actually went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years. The anastetic left half my face completely numb for 4 hours and trying to get the dip (snus) in place was a project!

Rode Brady in the two rein and worked on some basics in the snow. He´s doing alright in that outfit but for fast paced cowwork we go back to a snaffle or a bosal.

Speaking of differnt bridles, the NRCHA World Show ended yesterday and to sum it up it was pretty tuff going. Tough competition and tough Cows!!

Open Champions:
Two Rein: Kevin Stallings-Shining Lil Nic (Smart Shiner) Score: 442

Hackamore: Jay Mclaughlin - CD Dee Vee Dee (CD Lights) Score: 451

Bridle: Jay Mclaughlin - Lil Miss Shiney Chex (Shining Spark) Score: 445

Worlds Greatest Horseman: Randy Paul - Smokeelan (Elans Playboy) Score: 875

Cirkle Y Derby Champion: Jay Mclaughlin - CD Dee Vee Dee (CD Lights) Score: 446.5

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful day!

Sweet Lil Angel
Just a wonderful day today! Snows glistening in the sunlight, no wind and a couple of degrees below.
Kick the Cat
Took some pics of the girls with my cell-camera-thingy, turned out ok considering. Lying on the kitchen sofa, head resting on the wooden armrest, cat and computer on my chest so it´s nice and warm...
Anybody down there?
Just got in after working Brady some. He was very nice and controllable cirkling the cows today. Worked some on patience aswell and he was more than happy just standing there blockin the cow and didn´t move a muscle until she moved. Felt like I could´ve gone for coffee and he´d still be standing there eyeballing that cow. I really like to put some wait in him and hope it´ll carry over to the arena.

He was ok cutting as well today, but I just worked him for 10 minutes or so on the cows. He reads good and is starting to learn his responsibillities. Good feeling. Time to log in to NRCHA World Championships for the Two-Rein finals... talk to you all later

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Shows in progress...

Brady´s been off for two day´s after getting back from Hanaskede. Will start riding him again today. As you all saw in the video we´ve got some things to work on!

Theres alot going on on the show front, both cowhorse and cutting derbys and futurities.
After Augusta the cutting cirquit travelled to Tunica, MS for their futurity. Same suspects more or less that showed in Augusta:Brad Mitchells duo Cat A Rey and Holly Is Smooth who placed 1-2 in Augusta, Rascal Cat, Peak Easy etc... Cat A Rey had a tough outing in the first go and did not make the second round today. Leading after the first go is Harley (Spots Hot-Cattilon) and Wes Galyean scoring 222. Sadly Harleys dam Cattalion (High Brow Cat x Staraleno x Grays Starlight) died of collic jan 2.

The Circle Y Derby was won by the CD Lights son CD Dee Vee Dee and Jay Mclaughlin after a dramatic cowwork. Several participants were more or less run over by some very tough cows, but CD turned in one heck of a fence work and scored 151 for a total of 446,5. Second was Mr Playing stylish and Boyd Rice marking 443,5.

No rest for CD Dee Vee Dee though as the NRCHA World Show is next with the Open Hackamore prelims today.
CD Dee Vee Dee

Another horse I really like is Jake Telfords talanted Gray´s Starlight son Shady Lil Starlight. He is second in the Open Bridle after the prelims yesterday. Shady was Res.Champ in the World Show Two-Rein last year and won the bridle at the Hackamore Classic. We are seriously considering breeding to him in the future as he has a great pedigree to go along with his performance accomplishments.
Shady Lil Starlight