Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jan 2018 update

Time for the yearly update!
With Instaface, Snapbook and all the other social media stuff making updates super quick and easy, I tend to forget the passwords and stuff to log on here for updates etc.

We've got a "bunch" (3) of new babies on the ground, yearlings now actually, and they along with all the other ponies can be found under the "Horses" heading on yer left.

They look really good so far and we're excited to watch them grow and start when the time comes.

Winter is here and we're trodding along, trying to keep the horses in somewhat of a shape, working cows on Angel when possible or jogging the racehorse some.

Ids's Final Touch has been nicked up for a couple of weeks and she's just now starting to walk him again under saddle.

Cowworking clinics will resume at Okna Ranch late Feb. and continue most weekends until May 1st. Additional cowworking clinics and lessons will be held at Long Valley Ranch every Thursday and one Saturday a month starting this week, January 18th.

Hagar was hired as a prop in a Home Electronics commercial, it should be out on TV sometime in February also, really fun to be part of a filmshoot!