Wednesday, January 6, 2016


So let's talk about horses. Why am I so damn intrested in those big animals?
Well that's kinda the easiest quastion I will ever answer. I am interested in those animals because of the comunication they have, if you understand the comunication you understand the horse, if you understand the horse, the horse will understand you. I love to watch horses when they are in their pastures, it's so interesting to see how they are and how they "talk" with each other.
So if you use the horses comunication in the everyday management the horse understands you much easier and you and the horse will create a much stronger bond and the horse will more natural choose you to lead the pac.
When you've came this far the horse will "forever" trust you.
And if you think of it, it's kinda awseome to have the trust of this big animal.
The horses never choosed to have us on their backs, they never choosed to be in a stable.
So if horses and riding is going to be our lifestyle, we must treat the ones we work with (our horses) well and always do our best to take care of them. Brush them, feed them, take them on walks, have them in pastures and it's also our job to raise them well so they can feel comfortable about the situation we put them in, and never ever do something that will hurt them, because they never choosed to have this life.
// Ida




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