Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cow work

We had loads of fun today me and Kick The Cat! Worked her on the cows again and she did pretty good. Started out a little bracy and overdoing stuff. She didn't really have time for the draw and thus lost some possition in the turns. She got better though and was pretty accurate on the last one. She works more like a cowhorse than a cutter right now and that's probably where we'll end up but I'll stay with it and see if we can get her to use herself more like a cutting horse. She tends to get to elevated in front when she turns, I want her to use her head and neck more and follow her nose. She does better on the cutting machine though where she has more time.
 Shook out the rope on live cattle for the first time also. She thought nothing of it and worked really good. I like to rope the cows now and then to keep them fresh and hopefully last alittle longer.

 To slow pulling the slack on this shot and she ended up jumping through the loop.

 Using the breakaway still as she isn't ready for the pull and holding one by herself just yet. Will set up the trap again so I won't have to lay them down to remove the rope.
 You can see how she elevates here, letting the momentum go up to much instead of working closer to the ground. I knew going in it would take some work and alot of patience using only the hackamore on her but she's getting it done and it sure demands alot more of me.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just pluggin away

Havn't really had much to say lately. Just your everyday stuff, work, horses and family. Not much excitement at all. Camilla was out here last weekend and tried Eros out. They looked great together and she seemed very pleased. Have been pushing him alittle, expanding his comfort zone. He's responding well and taking things in a balanced and pretty cool manner. Roping, jumping fences and logs, water, ditches and tarps whatever lays around we've explored. He'll be leaving early May and will be pretty solid I think.

Kick The Cat is doing well also. Worked some on the cows as well as the pro cutter. She gets in a hurry at times and want's to do more than I'd like, but we just stay with the basics, emphasis on the wait and draw and she'll figure it out I'm sure.

Will get serious with Polly here also when Eros leaves. Riding three head a day works on the weekend but not during the week when I usually won't be home until after 6pm.

Car broke down and looks like it'll need a new engine! Isn't that just swell!

See if we can get some pics for you this weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Show season (and more Cat)

We're reloading after the NCHA Super Stakes and look forward to next month and a slew of great events. First up is the NCHA Western Nationals in Reno, Nv April 29-May 8, followed by NRCHA Hackamore Classic in Pueblo, CO May 3-6. Great horses and riders usually entered, hopefully another fight between Snaffle Bit Futurity Champ Shiners Don Juan & Tod Bergen and res.champ Moonstruck Pepto & Boyd Rice.
Next up is The Californios May 11-13 also in Reno. Reata roping and stockhorse competition at it's best! Dwight Hill, pictured, usually ends up with a nice bunch of trophies to carry home to Rexburg, Id.
Dwight Hill

Next up is the Breeders Invitational cutting with a $1.000.000 added! Held in Tulsa, Ok May 12-26. In that span Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo is held and that, my friends, is an event worth attending! It doesn't get much more western than the weekend of May 19-20 in Jordan Valley, Or.

On the homefront show season starts with the SRCHA Western Day's at Axevalla May 4-6 followed by SQHA:s Spring Show May 24-27.

I leave you with some more vids of Kick The Cat from yesterdays confidence building herdwork.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kick The Cat videos and Super Stake Finals

Super Stakes finals last night. KR Isadora Dual & Clay Johnson ended up on top. A total surprise for me, aswell as for Clay. He was going last and aiming for a 216 or there abouts. Just went down there and cut, dropped his hand and let the chips fall where they may. Well the chips fell to the tune of a 226! KR Isadora Dual had previous earnings of $18.000 and with the Championship last night pushed it to a cool $118.000!!

KR Isadora Dual
Pete Branch and his fine stallion Kit Kat Sugar held the lead for quite some time with a 224.5 from the middle of the first set. It was enough to secure the reserve though with room to spare ahead of Shesa Dirty Martini 221 and a trio splitting 4th, Cats Colonel & Tarin Rice, Short N Smooth & Paul Hansma and Boyd Rice & CR Sun Reys all scoring 220.
Kit Kat Sugar

In the Non Pro Hottish managed to stay on top from his 2nd draw in the 1st bunch. A cool 227 left him and owner/rider Dustin Adams 8 pts ahead of reserve champ Chet Smooth & Kyle Manion.
Non Pro results

Hottish & trainer Lloyd Cox


A couple of vids from working 3 year old Kick The Cat yesterday. She's slowly getting back after her injury and she feels pretty good. Just taking it really slow and easy in the cowwork with no preassure what so ever. Will slowly pick up the pace and ask for more.

She's handling herself nicely. She was started in the hackamore and has never had a bit in her mouth. Hopefully I can keep her as light and responsive as she is through out.

Never worked on spins or any other reining manouvers, she just kinda gets it.

2nd cow we worked. Just really slow and making sure we ended on a good note.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whata day!

Great day today!
Beautiful weather. Horses worked to perfection (well almost). Had some friends over for dinner, celebrating our first year here at Snösvad. Annelie fixed a great dinner, Salmon, and icecream warm berries and chocolate for desert!
Had Cat work the cows alittle. She did great! Still moving forward with caution and we have the cows to keep it relaxed, slow and easy. She wants to work them though and she's really trying to be good.
Camilla paid us a visit today, watching me work her Eros. He was also a good sport, though somewhat stressed about the cows beeing out. He did good though and I think Camilla looked pleased. I worked Polly out in the arena too for the first time and she was as always, mad as soon as I asked for something. I can reason with her though and shell give in I'm sure in time.

Looks like Hottish finally will end up on top! I've been tooting his horn for some time on theese pages and it finally looks like I'm right. He just scored a 227 in the Super Stakes non pro finals and I have a hard time seeing somebody catch him. Will try to stay awake for the open finals though it wont get underway until close to 1 am our time.


Kick The Cat is slowly working back to form from her injury and she was exceptional yesterday on the flag. Really in sync, stopping good, drawing and turning the way I wanted. We're still moving with caution and at very slow speeds, but she feels great. Will give her another run today and will work Polly some aswell. Camilla is popping over to look at Eros workout aswell.

Some great, great runs in the Super Stakes semis yesterday! Short N Smooth & Paul Hansma scored a whopping 228 followed by Boyd Rice & CR Sun Reys 221. A couple of 220:s & 219.5:s also leaving the bubble to make the finals at a fairly high 217.

In tonights finals I think the winner can be found among Short N Smooth, (If he's got any gas left as he's also last horse in the Non-Pro finals right before the open) CR Sun Reys and Pete Branch's Kit Kat Sugar. Boyd's son Tarin also has a capable horse in That Sly Bob, but like Short N Smooth he's had a tough schedule so far with final appearances in the John Deere division (Res champ), and Gelding finals (Champion).

Notable horses missing the finals: Futurity champion Oh Miss Caroline making her first appearance after her big win. She had a super tough last cow and lost her right before the buzzer. Michael Coopers Jae Bar One Time was on another planet when Cooper dropped his hand on that first cow. When the cow made her 1st move, I think the horse was counting empty seats in the arena, needless to say the ride was over before it started! Another horse I've been rooting for was Phil Hansons Fortune Bend. He squirted out a calf from the right side of the bunch only to watch her tail as she blew around the herd for a backfence. Morgan Cromers Fay Reys Sis and John Mitchells Martinis Pepto came close marking 216 and maybe should have been in.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday and the All Roo

We had a birthday girl here Tuesday! Ida turned 10, and I quote; "it was the best day EVER!!" end quote. She got a new shiny red bike, a ton of grooming stuff for the horses, clothes, different PS Games and got to spend the day with horses and friends.

Cats show bosal if we ever do go to town to show. 5/8" all roo with a semi stiff core. Wasn't totally pleased with it though. The core is twisted rawhide, but a bit to stiff for her and it had a little flaw in the twist that didn't show until it was shapeing time. It'll have to do until I find the time to braid another....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Today's Eros

Worked Eros again today and thought I'd share where we're at after some 45 day's or so.
He's doing really well, tries to be good and willing. Sometimes he get's alittle "pony", heavy in the hand and a thousand legs flying around but you can alway's reason with him and get him collected up and relax.

Usually rides him about 35-45 minutes and have yet to get him exhausted. I'm a fairly big guy and don't want to over do it.

Also rode out on Kick The Cat today. No goal, just out n about going nowhere in particular. She gets alittle nervous at times, but if you give her time and comfort her some, she responds and lets you guide her past just about anything.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

CR Sun Reys

CR Sun Reys

Watched the best run yet in the Super Stakes. Not totally surprising Boyd Rice's CR Sun Reys posted a 223. Gritty little horse, flashy and with spectacular moves. Here's hoping she keeps it together in the semis! She showed some serious potential in the Futurity too but was maybee a tad green and had some misses that kept her from advancing to the finals there. By Dual Rey and out of the great mare Play Peek A Boon (Freckles Playboy-Peek A Boon) she's got the breeding for sure.

I'm beat....

Sitting on the kitchen couch, recouperating. Waiting for today's 2nd set of the Super Stakes 2nd go. Just got back from riding my two fillies. Man, are they different or what?! Started with La Flor del Viento or "Polly" for short. She's 2 years old and tough as nails. 4th time on her back and we got into it alittle. She's about as stubborn as they come but smart and really athletic. After getting to many "why should I's" from her I decided it was time to "insist" on alittle try atleast. Pulled my hat down, feet all tucked in the stirrups, deep seat and mecate tail flippin down on her but when she showed the attitude. Exploded around the arena for a couple of laps, buckin and carrying on. Put my hand on her neck, sweet talked her a little and she stopped, looked at me and was a perfect angel for the rest of the session.

After that it was time for the other filly, Kick The Cat 3yo. She's Pollys total opposite, all nerves and really responsive. She's gotten really big lately and is starting to fill out pretty good. She stands about 15 hands. Takes about 20 minutes for her to land though and listen without overreacting to everything. We finished off on a good note working the flag alittle. Slow and easy. She's as soft as they come though and a very nice ride when she simmers down.

In the Super Stakes yesterday, my favorite Hottish did just what I feared. Worked his first cow like a champ with spectacular moves with a tremendous eye appeal. Then came the misses, a loss and Lloyd Cox leaving the working area without a score. Waiting for Rocking W:s Fortune Bend here in a bit. He looked great in the first go. Also in this set is Pete Branch's Kit Kat Sugar, John Mitchells Itsy Bitsy Boon and Martinis Pepto.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Down to 183

After the first go of the Super Stakes we're down to 183 horses. All of the favorites made it, but trying to figure this one is impossible. Futurity Champ Oh Miss Caroline marked a 214.5 and leading the pack with 222 are two horses with a combined $35.000 in the bank, Autumns Indian Mate & Short N Smooth. All of my personal favorites made it, but there's a backside to it aswell. I'm looking at a yearling brother to Fortune Bend and his pricetag didn't exactly drop by his brothers performance yesterday. A 219 with room to spare and looking really bright on the cows.
Fortune Bend brother

Good to see the Sargoods two King of The Cats fillies made it, Bratz Cat & Kitty Cat Cutie. Boyds two, CR Sun Reys (moms a sis to Peeka Pep) and CR Smart Brow April along with Ronnies Jewel Bars Cat and Michael Coopers Jae Bar One Time.
Other then that, picking the winner this early is next to impossible but twisting my arm I'd go with Hottish if Lloyd keeps picking the right cows and he limits his misses.

Snow is coming down horizontaly today!! Wet and windy, great day for arenawork! Rode all three colts yesterday and will today too. Shod Eros and Kick The Cat yesterday too. Will step it up some with Cat today, asking alittle bit more. In a couple of day's we'll be back on the cows. Eros was pretty full of himself yesterday so we stayed on the basics and worked some on patience. Polly is doing allright. She still questions just about everything and get's mad if I insist. It'll pass though and she's going to be a sweet ride in time.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend's almost here...

Got 5 day's off starting Friday! Busy weekend though. Easter dinner with the family at moms and dad's summer house, Ida's 10th birthday a boatload of riding lessons friday-saturday and ofcourse all our horses to work.

Super Stakes 1st go continued yesterday with a lot of great runs! One of my absolute favorites, Hottish & Lloyd Cox marked a 219 along with Clint Allens Duals For Amanda & John Mitchell's Martinis Pepto. The latter looked great! Right on the money in each and every turn. Hottish is as alway's, all over the place, displaying freakish athletic talent but a miss here and there has prevented him from any major championships. I know I've been tooting his horn for awhile now, but he needs to clean up his runs some before he's a serious threat.

Hottish & Lloyd Cox

Today the 1st go wraps up with the last 112 entries. My guess is a 212-213 or there abouts should get you in to the second round. Left to work is a bunch of great horses with Futurity Champion Oh Miss Caroline & Craig Thomson, 1st in the 3rd bunch, leading the way.
Oh Miss Caroline

For me personally, set 5 is the most intriguing. Boyd Rice has his two Center Ranch owned Futurity semifinalists CR Sun Reys & CR Smart Brow April showing. Also, Matt Sargoods King of The Cats mare Bratz Cat and Phil Hansons is showing ms Walton's Fortune Bend.
CR Sun Reys

CR Smart Brow April

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Got three horses going again, Eros, Kick The Cat and Polly. Easter weekend is almost here giving me some x-tra day's off from the office and thus more time to play with the pony's. Will get back to work also with Evas arab mare who cut her head and mouth pretty bad a couple of weeks ago. Will try her in the bosal and I think she'll do fine. She's sensetive enough and knows the signals fairly well from all the groundwork we did earlier.

Super Stakes Classic Non Pro finals last night saw our acquaintance Brandon Dufurrena placing third on Nievas scoring 219 and adding another cool $16.800 to her earnings. Congrats Brandon!
Winner was Becky Clark on Peeka Pep brother Widows Peek (Widow Freckles - Peek A Boon) scoring 224.5.

Widows Peek & Jason Clark

The Super Stakes 4yo Derby kicked off with the 1st go aswell yesterday. Leading the pack after about half way through is Autumns Indian Mate & Dirk Blakesly, 222. Just a point behind is Shannon Hall & Royal Red Rosita scoring 221. Shannon got his start with Gary Ray back in the day and Gary is also in the hunt with a 214.5 run on his Miss Herman Cat.
Royal Red Rosita

177 + ties advance to the 2nd go, out of 292 total entries.

Today the 1st round continues with horses like Futurity Res.Champ, Jewel Bars Cat & Ronnie Rice, Abilene Spectacular champ Jae Bar One Time & Michael Cooper. I'm also rooting hard for Matt & Patti Sargoods Kitty Cat Cutie! Good Luck to all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Super Stakes Classic finals

Cat Man Blue & Sean Flynn got their first Limited age event win last night. First major for Flynn in Will Rogers aswell. Going 2nd in the 1st bunch, the duo took a comanding lead after a super strong 225 run. Sean got his cows cut really good and especiallly the 2nd one got the action going. They worked her a good portion and with alot of turns at super high speed, something the judges favored. Cat Man Blue is by High Brow Cat and out of Super show mare Quintan Blue $590.000, who had two offspring placing in the final. The second one, Blue One Time (One Time Pepto) ended up split 4th with Clint Allen posting a 220.

Cat Man Blue

Final score
Res.Champ, Little Pepto Cat also have his papers in order beeing by HBC and out of another great show mare, Little Pepto Gal $490.000. Little Pepto Cat is also qualified for the Ltd Non-Pro finals today and Tuesdays Non-Pro finals with owner Bob Kingsley in the saddle.
Little Pepto Cat
Former Futurity Champ One Time Royalty is back in the game placing 3rd with Lloyd Cox in the saddle. a 220.5 got it done and another $46.000 in the bank.
One Time Royalty

Blue One Time

Reys Desire

Rascal Cats

Got me a little cold with temp, cough and a runny nose but horses to ride none the less. Eros is back in full swing and doing really good allthough he does brace upp and gets alittle stiff travelling to the right at some speed. Will work more on that and get him shod here in a bit and see if that helps. Kick The Cat is getting back to work also. Just easing her back into it with lots of walk and trott before we get to the fast action on a cow in a week or two. Polly's been rode twice now and she's ok. She still gets mad at times though so you gotta humor her and cuddle her alittle.