Saturday, July 28, 2012

Still waiting!

"Stuck" here at the ranch waiting for the delivery.....Woulda loved to be at the Cutting in Täby this weekend! Passing my time working the horses, feeding pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies & guinnea pigs and whatever else moves and breathes on this place!

I am following the Derby cutting from Fort Worth over the interweb thing. Makes you wonder though, I have draws, working orders, results and a webcast from half way around the globe, but have no clue as to who and what horses are entered in a cutting a 2hour drive from here! Gotta rectify that for next seasson!

 We've had a humid, pressing heat here for a week or two. Working the horses early or late at night. Kick The Cat feels great. We got away's to go still before she's secure enough to work on her own. I let her go here and there, for a couple of turns before she get's too eager and wants to cheat alittle. It's slow, but it is steady progress.
Kick The Cat

Polly's cut is healing up decent. It was a couple of inches wide and fairly deep between pastern and hoof, so sewing was out. We've treated it and have had her wrapped out in the pasture but airing it out when she's been stalled at night using only tarplaster to keep the flies & bugs off. She should be ok in a couple of weeks.

Ritzy's Dream has been worked too. She feels as good as ever on the straightaway and a new trip to the track should be made here in a bit.
Ritzy's Dream

The NCHA Derby finals are upon us tonight with the Non Pro and the Open. Hottish keeps impressing in the open and easily scored a semifinal best 221. Boyd Rice's two Center Ranch fillies CR Smart Brow April and CR Sun Reys looked great too with a 219 and a 218.5 respectively.
CR Sun Reys

Still holding hope for Roger Wagners Dual N CD, he made the finals with a 217 and room to spare.

It took a 215 to advance to the final 22 and most of the favorites are in. Missing and "shoulda maybe" from the semis are Jae Bar One Time, Jewel Bars Cat, Sigala Rey and Matt Gaines Smooth N Catacular. All the semifinalists walk home with a $4.500 check though. Waltons Fortune Bend coulda been in there also and I thought he should have, he only marked a 212 and musta had misses I didn't notice on my lagging live stream. The run that I saw looked more like a 219.

A horse that also is very capable of posting money scores is Thundercat. He had to settle for the ltd Non Pro championship were he marked a 221 to claim the $11.000 cheque for owner/rider Don Bell. The HBC colt out of great performer and producer Desire Some Freckles, do have a chance to increase that in the Non Pro finals tonight. Look out for Ty Moore & Mrs Bay Cat in the Non Pro also.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Derby 2nd go

It took a composite score of 429.5 for the top 64 to advance to Friday's Derby semifinals. Austin Shepards Time To Hangem (One Time Pepto-Hangem High Pep) posted the highest score in the second go with a 221. The gelding looked great and showed alittle of what made him one of the favorites in last decembers futurity final.
Time To Hangem

Leading the pack in to the clean slate semis are two of my personal favorites namely Lloyd Cox's Hottish 438.5 and James Payne's Once In A Blu Boon 437.5. The pair played it pretty safe in the second round but looks strong and consistent.

Other horses I like in the semis are Phil Hansons Fortune Bend (One Time Pepto-Stylish Baby Doll) andCurtis Bass Stylish China Cat (HBC-Stylish Freckles) are horses I eye with interest and have been following since I looked at a yearling brothers to both this winter,

Center Ranches owned and Boyd Rice trained duo CR Sun Reys & CR Smart Brow April  posted an identical 433 composite by the way, doubt they have what it takes though to win it all.

CR Sun Reys
Would love for Roger Wagner to have some success with Dual N CD (CD Lights-Dual N At Noon) I really love the way Rogers horses work and they usually look really good on a cow.

Jewel Bars Cat, Kit Kat Sugar, Rey N Style, Jay Bar One Time, Sigala Rey.....there's a bunch of horses that can claim this one and we'll know more after the semis Friday for sure. Hope I havn't given the above mentioned the kiss off death by mentioning them! ;)

Kit Kat Sugar

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Work, work, work

Lots on the plate for today. Drive Ritzy, ride Cat, fix the sheep pen, shoe the remaining feet on the two mentioned, fix the combine pig/goat shed, deal with the wasp nest in the door to the arena (yes, they built it in one of the supporting beams on the arena door!) water down, salt and drag the arena, fix the watertank for the cows and finally win a couple of million betting on the pony's in todays races!
Should be done by lunchtime!
Yesterday's 4 sets of the Summer Spectacular only saw one change in the top 10. Stylish Martini's sister Shesa Dirty Martini ridden by Jason Clarke placed 10th with a 217.5. Russ Westfals two CD Royals, CD Royal Highness & Just As Reckless followed with 217.

Today the 1st round finishes up with the remaining 6 sets with the likes of Rey N Style, Cinka de Maya, Boyd Rices two Center Ranch owned CR Sun Reys & CR Smart Brow April, Matt Millers Thundercat & Matt Gaines Smart Lookin Hanna. The latter will sell at the Husby dispersal sale in September by the way with a horde of other performers, prospects & broodmares.  Horses like Blue One Time, Cat Zahir, Never Reylinquish, Lenas Horn etc.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I've slowed things waaay down with Kick The Cat on the flag and she's responding pretty well so far. She was getting ahead of herself, especially turning to the right, got stiff and threw out her shoulder. Now I'm having her wait, wait, wait draw, bend and turn. She's not happy with it, but she's slowly getting better. She has a ton of nerves and gets pretty worked up when working the flag. Out in the pen with the cows she's way cooler and really tries to read and react.

The NCHA Summer Spectacular Derby's first go started yesterday. A total of 131 horses +ties will advance to the 2nd go. It usually takes a 212-213 to advance from the first go.
Looks like Hottish has simmered down quite a bit this season. He's way more in control and seems to read the cattle much better than before. He's alway's had the talent and extreeme physical ability but at times overreacted something fierce. A 221.5 in total control placed him 1st after yesterday's 4 sets. Another 10 sets remain, 4 today and 6 tomorrow. Second so far for Bill Riddles fine mare Sheza Stylish Cougar 220.5, Phil Hanson & LHR Royal Flush shares third with Sigala Rey & Lee Francois scoring a 219.
Sheza Stylish Cougar

LHR Royal Flush

Sigala Rey

Sidenote: 2sisters to Sigala will probably be avaliable at the futurity sales this fall. One a full sister by Dual Rey-Uno Tassa Mia  and the other by Dual Smart Rey-Uno Tassa Mia (2nd dam Tassa Mia offspring earnings:$470.000).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sarenalena & James Payne ended up on top in the Summer Spectaculas Classic final yesterday. The 6yo mare by Dual Pep out of Sarenas Playgirl (sister to Freckles Merada, Shesa Playmate, Playboys Angela, A Leanette, Young Gun and Playboys Mom) had prior earnings of $84.600 and from 3rd draw in the 1st bunch the duo went out with the mindset of capturing a check of $17.000 (6th place) to put the mare over the $100.000 mark. They ended up Champions scoring a 223 in a spectacular run that was really crisp and on the money, earning $41.000 for their troubles.
Payne then had to sweat it out watching another 22 riders trying to knock him down. Lloyd Cox and One Time Royalty came close with a strong 222 followed by Gerge C Meradas and Reys Desires 220.5. Several great horses remained and they all had a chance. Next to last was Cat A Rey and Brd Mitchell who looked oh so good until the last cow who drew down the run to a 9th place with a 217.5

Rocking W. finished up and Phil Rapp tried no doubt and had a solid run too but a couple of small misses and a below average last cut left them with a 216.5.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'll be eyeing the cutting webcast tonight!

Finals in the Summer Spectacular Classic tonight. It's set to be a real thriller with good horses throughout and finishing up the last bunch with maybe the two strongest cards from the gorounds, Cat A Rey and Rocking W. ! Three more were added to the finals after yesterday's Wild Card round. Serenadual posted a 222 from the first draw and nobody was able to catch her. Mates Mister Sunette came close with a 221.5 and rounding out the trio was Stylish Martini posting 219.5.

 I think it will come down to the wire and who ever cuts the best cows will be the last one standing.

My highly subjective ranking:

Rocking W.
Blue One Time
Cat A Ray
One Time Royalty
Stylish Martini
SDP Locked N Loaded
Gerge C Merada
Rocking W.
But I've been wrong before ;)

Kick The Cat is still alright in her workouts. Can get sloppy here and there but that's mostly cow freshness and her strong desire. She can work herself up pretty good though and get overly eager.

Ritzy was a bit dull and uninspired in her speedwork yesterday. No temp or any indication of something wrong so we're going with an off day for now and hope she's better on Wednesday.

Something a little worrying is Pollys abillity to get herself in a bind. This time she managed to get cut pretty bad below the pastern. Bad place to get it sewn up and we're treating it as best we can and keeping our fingers crossed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What we've been up to

Annelies Ritzy's Dream were back at the racetrack Saturday for a workout. I'm unfortunately the "regular" driver now that Annelie's too volumous to climb aboard the sulky! Wish the baby would get here in a hurry so Annelie can take over the reins again. It's been close to 10 years since I last trained a "jiggy-jogger" for the racetrack and I really don't have the touch for it anymore (probably never did!) Gave Annelie (read; myself) a GPS stopwatch for her birthday. It works like a speedometer so I can keep track of what tempo we're currently at, couldn't do without it!
Ritzy & Annelie
The mare feels great so far though. Worked out with ease and still had spring in her step when we were done. A month or so and I believe we can have her race ready.

Kick The Cat is getting her works as well. Drywork and the flag during the week and cowwork on the weekends. She still get's a tad hot, more so on the flag than the cow fortunately, and still needs to get her confidence up in a bigger herd with larger cows. She's catty quick and agile though and really fun to ride.
Kick The Cat

Ida's new pony Furix Five got here a few weeks ago. Great horse that is a step up from her old pony Elton. They're getting along good so far but we'll keep monitoring them for a little while longer to see if there are any holes in him that needs work.

The third leg in Cuttings Tripple Crown, The NCHA Summer Spectacular Derby is underway with the 5/6 Classic. After the first half of the first go James Bradley Mitchell and Cat A Ray tops with a great run yesterday that netted a 222. Most of the usual suspects are in there and still in it, Cat Man Blue and Sean Flynn maybe a little modest in the 1st with a 215. Hopefully the Super Stakes Classic champ gets to the 2nd go tomorrow. Half the field finish up the first go today.
Cat A Rey

Noticing Willys The Boss & Kathy Daughns 216.5  with alittle special interest too, (will get back to you on that later.)

Willys The Boss