Monday, February 3, 2014

February update

Got the new month started off right with a great dinner in town Saturday for birthday boy Ben (20). The whole family present along with grandma & grandpa. Hitting an establishment in town is something we seldom get to do around here and it was much apreciated by all.

Worked the bulls again today with Kick The Cat. She's been off for about a week and hasn't seen any cows for about 10 days. A little fresh but not too bad and we got to rope some and cut a few. She was pretty decent but she still really can't relax and work a cow the way I know she can with the herd behind her. She gets tense and nervous still but not quite as bad as she was last fall.

Here's alittle video, don't have a cameraman, any turnbacks or helpers so I kinda drift in and out of frame with the cam resting on the wall: