Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Super Stakes Finals

The 2013 Super Stakes are in the books and here are a few quick observations from the finals:
Tough cows as always, but the two bunches in the finals had most contestants just trying to survive. You didn't really see many of those descisive and agressive cuts you are used to at this level as the cows just wouldn't let you.

Hes A Hot Cat
Wes Galyean & Hes A Hot Cat (Spots Hot-Cassies Kit Cat) drew 5th in the 1st set and worked his three cows to a 219 to bring home the championship. Especially the last two cows earned him the win and the horse looked great. Wes had three horses in the final and ended up 4th (Lil Rattler 216.5) and tied 5th (Tattoos On This Town 216)

1st out in the 1st set was Boyd Rice on Center Ranch's CR First Tuff (Woody Be Tuff-Dees Cats Meow) a horse whose horn I've been tooting since the futurity. Boyd started out really careful and eased his way in there for his first cut. The cow he ended up cutting didn't do much for him though and it really stunk. Boyd described it afterwards as a "pretty sad critter". The following two gave CR First Tuff a bit more of a challenge though and he was able to show off some of his signature strength, quickness and athletic ability. Those last two recovered some of the ground lost on the first and Boyd ended up scoring a 217, eventually good enough for 3rd place with great assistance from the entire Rice family.
CR First Tuff & Boyd Rice

CR First Tuff & Halee

Tatum, Boyd & Tarin

Finishing the 1st set was James Payne on Quick Be A Cat (HBC-Zack Be Quick). James horse looked really good and it was a pleasure watching. Lots and lots of working time and the run finally netted a 217.5 and a reserve championship.
Quick Be A Cat

The day started out with the Non Pro finals. As in the open, the cows were pretty difficult to master and it also ended up a low scoring affair. Ray Baldwin of Waco Bend Ranch walked to the herd as 20th and final contestant on his Shesa Hollywoodcat. A pretty solid run with solid support and coaching from Phil Rapp earned Ray the NP championship scoring a 216.5.
Ray Baldwin & Phil Rapp

Shesa Hollywoodcat

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fort Worth

Spent yesterday covering the NCHA Super Stake semifinals. Great, great horses and super tough cows!
Tattoos On This Town & Wes Galyean
 There was a handful that stood out but it's a really even field in the finals. As usual it will come down to the cows and the cleanest cuts. The ones I liked most from yesterday's action was Tattoos On This Town & Wes Galyean 216, CR Tuff Hearted Cat & Ronnie Rice 216.5 and Monty Buntins High Brow Jackson 216. Another sleeper would be James Payne and Quick Be A Cat who also scored a 216. As a matter of fact, there was 21 horses scoring between 215 and 216.5!! My early favorite, CR First Tuff & Boyd Rice have to step it up some to bring this one home.
CR First Tuff & Boyd Rice
 Also went on a "foal safari" looking over some super nice 2013 model fillies at Buffalo Ranch. Shane Plummer has done a fabulous jobb putting some really great mares in his band and there were some really intriguing prospects running around. Heres a bunch that I really liked, (three were bay strangely enough...)

Hydrive Cat-SDP Moms TR $60.000 (TR Dual Rey-Playboys Mom, Super Stakes semifinalist yesterday):


TR Dual Rey- SDP Hydriven Hicapoo $11.000 (Hydrive Cat-Hicapoo, In the Super Stakes NP Finals today!):
SDP Hydriven Hicapoo

Hydrive Cat-SDP Hicarey (TR Dual Rey-Hicapoo):

Hydrive Cat-SDP Back In Black $3.500 (Sister to TR Dual Rey by Laredo Blue):

SDP Back In Black

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Things are kinda slow here at the moment. Horses nicked up some and rehabilitating, besides, winter has been awfully slow releasing it's grip on us this year. Snow & ice has been plentiful making it hard working the cows as much as I would've wanted.

Sun's shining now though and by all reports it's going to get warmer by this weekend!

Fresh update from Todd in Idaho regarding Hagar the 2yo. He's still pleased with him and he seems to be progressing as we hoped. He sorted cows on him the other day and he did fine. Getting pretty anxious to see him up close and June can't come fast enough!

Some new pics of Hagar (Gunnen Olena)

Will be heading to Ft Worth next week for the wrap up of the Super Stakes, finish a couple of articles, look over some horses and meet up with friends. The first go round is in full swing and by the looks of things the semifinals should be loaded with great performers.

An extra eye will be kept on a few contestants moving forward, Hal ofa Secret is up in today's first bunch. He's a brother to our friends Torbjörn and Emilias newly aquired One Time Pepto yearling, One ofa Secret. Center Ranch has all three of their entries moving to the 2nd go and they all looked great with CR Tuff Hearted Cat leading the way with a 218.5. Also in today's action we're keeping our fingers crossed for Wagonhounds Botero & Boyd Rice along with Buffalo bred SDP Moms TR.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cowhorse uppdates

Our friends from Wagonhound was busy during the NRCHA Stakes in Las Vegas!

Matt Koch won the Int.Open and placed reserve in the Open on his great stallion SDP Blue Blood!
SDP Blue Blood is by Laredo Blue and out of SDP I Got Good Genes ($65.000), a full sister to TR Dual Rey!
SDP Blue Blood

Another Wagonhound Matt, namely Kelly won the Ltd Open Bridle on Genuine Chic Pleaser (Chic Please-Miss Shiner Dear). Matt Kelly (and Kevin Meyer) was incharge of the horse program at Wagonhound on our visit there a couple of years ago. Matt is also an experienced packer and handles those duties at Wagonhound also.

Matt Kelly introducing cows to a 2yo

Matt Kelly in the branding trap

Sick bay

It looks like a sick bay at the ranch right now, only Ida's ponys upp and running.

Ritzy's Dream has been off for a couple of weeks, seen the vet and been treated. She still needs some time off and we havn't got a schedule for her return just yet.

Polly's not right in a hind leg that she's had problems with of and on for quite a while. She's three now and I've only rode her about 25 times or so in all. Might be we'll have to give up on her but we'll see.

Kick The Cat was doing really well until she nicked herself in the pasture the other day. She struck her inside front leg and might've hit the suspensory. She's sore and swollen still but it's alittle better today.

What bothers me the most though is Sweet Lil Angel. She's been off for a number of weeks also. She had alot of issues and to many to mention here. What she needs most of all is time and plenty of it to completely get back to health. She was full of brace and muscle soreness most of wich came from hoof joints and pasterns that needed treatment.
Not at all what we had planned. We were supposed to be well on our way to make her a cowhorse by now, really feel for her owners and sure hope she heals up with time.

Aside from all of that we had to put down Annelies great, great trotter gelding Avenir a week ago. He was getting up there in age (26) and was having trouble staying sound. Tough decision, but one that had to be made none the less.

Rest In Peace my friend!