Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some pics from yesterday's cowwork.

Ida, Martin & Gizmo
 After spending the day at the office, it was great to come home and work Kick The Cat on the cows some. She's still pretty cowfresh but simmers down some after working for awhile.

The Boyz
Wish I had horns!
We keep the calves in a litte pasture up by the roundpen at the moment wich is handy. They need to put on some weight though and will soon be let out in a larger pasture.

 Cat did really well after the edge wore of a bit. She's getting the positioning down pretty well, but can still get a little to hot when she's challenged.

She finished really strong and read the calf beautifully the last couple of turns.

Ida and Furix had a nice ride aswell, finishing with some quality time in the barn.

Olivia and Gizmo helped round up the bulls (by staying out of trouble).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall update

We've started over with Kick The Cat after her standstill with injuries and sickness. She's been rode a handful of times and feels pretty good so far. We're taking things really slow and easy and we're aiming for the showpen next year as she's fallen too far behind to be competetive this year.

I'll get back on Polly as well in a week or so and she defenately needs the excercise! She looks like she's about to foal any day now! Easy keeper that's for sure and she's looking at a lot of miles here in the near future.
Hagar is still progressing according to plan and Todd's still very pleased with him. He's getting more comfortable in the herdwork and he stops, spins and leadchanges with ease.

SDP Fourina C is growing also but the Texas weanlings have lost some pounds as it's been very hot overthere this summer and fall.

We had the vet out for a bloodsample to see if Ritzy's Dream still is in foal, by her looks she still is but we're awaitng the testresults for conformation.

The horses have been outside 24-7 the last couple of weeks as we emptied the barn, steamcleaned and disinfected the stalls to get rid of any surviving virus and bacteria. The horses will start spending the nights inside soon as it's getting pretty chilly at night.

The bull-calves works great and they'll be in their new pasture in a couple of day's and only be brought in over the weekends to be worked.