Monday, December 19, 2011

More Futurity stuff

I owe you the complete Futurity results from last weekend. After watching the runs again I kinda think they picked the right winner, but at the same time reserv champ Ronnie Rices run aboard Center Ranch owned Jewel Bars Cat was really impressive! Oh Miss Caroline had the stronger run over all though.......well sort of.....maybe.....

Oh Miss Caroline & Craig Thompson

NCHA Futurity Final results

Speakin of Center Ranch they were active at the Futurity sales aswell! This gem found it's way to them for "only" $220.000!!!

ARC Catty Dual

This was a pretty cool package deal too!
Notice, if you will what came with the mare:
Embryo 1- One Time Pepto for 2012, Embryo 2-Smooth As A Cat for 2012, Embryo 3-High Brow Cat for 2012 AND a paid breeding to Metallic Cat for 2012!!!!

ARC Catty Dual was pretty decent herself with close to $170.000 won and a "fair" familytree too!

On a less possitive note I´m saddened by the news of friends Mona & Styrbjörns loss. Their sweet and super consistent Smart Little Lena stud, A Smart Little Leo was humanely put down this weekend. A severe colic set in and the decision was made with their vet after the horse failed to respond to treatment.

Styrbjörn & A Smart Little Leo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Miss Caroline!!!

It's way past my bedtime so I´ll be brief. Great NCHA Futurity finals tonight!!! Started off with Ronnie Rice setting the bar with a stunning 225 performance on Jewel Bars Cat. Flawless is the word that comes to mind. Great, clean cuts right in the middle. A horse that never took a false step. I think he might've had a shot if he wasn't the first one out!

Bunch of horses making great runs, but none at the level that Rices did....until.....the final contestant Craig Thompson entered the herd on Oh Miss Caroline, a mare that's a full sister to former Futurity winner Oh Cay Felix! Great run with a horse cutting her heart out! Lots and lots of working time is what I believe got him the win.

Here's the new Champ!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Summin up the Futurity semi finals

Great action yesterday in the NCHA Futurity semifinals!
Some pretty impressive performances and some really, really talented horses.

Starting with some pics of super popular Non Pro champion, young Idaho cowboy Kade Smith and Lean This Rey scoring a 222!


The open semifinals gave us our money's worth of action & drama before the final 25 were set.
Great, great ponies here and trying to come up with a winner is almost impossible. My money is on a trio that I think have been pretty consistent and shown serious talent: The easy pic would be Time To Hangem and Austin Shepard winning the round with a 222. The semi winners don't usually come out on top though so I'm sticking with my early prediction of Lloyd Cox repeating aboard Hottish 218.5. He might've topped yesterday had he been able to come of his second cow, but she wouldn't let him. Very nice horse though. Another pair would be Michael Coopers duo Im Short And Smart 221, and go around winner Jae Bar One Time 217.

Semifinal scores
My top performers from yesterday:

Wes Galeyan & Peptos Supercat

Wes Galeyan & Cinca de Maya

Grant Setnicka & Cat Belue

Michael Cooper & Jae Bar One Time

Michael Cooper & Im Short And Smooth

Lloyd Cox & Hottish

Last but not least, Austin Shepards favorite Time To Hangem.