Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Todd seems really pleased with the colts progress and he really pick things up in a hurry. We'll let him dictate speed of progress and hopefully we'll have something here!

I've been back in the saddle for about a week now after the wreck almost a month ago were a horse reared and fell over backwards with me underneath. Everything seems to be in working order and it feels great to be back. Kick The Cat picked right up from where we left off and feels great.

Molly is back for some schooling and get a start on cows. She's doing good also but we have a few issues and a way's to go to be on the same page.

Polly is as allway's talented and angry. She still needs to question everything but eventually ends up doing as I suggested in the first place, we'll get there when we get there...

Annelie and Ritzy has got some decent workouts of late and now we're waiting for the conditions to be better at the race track so we can come in for some much needed speedwork.

Happy New Year to you all from us at the 4Corners Ranch!