Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Took awhile!
Olivia is what got me sidetracked from the all important blog postings. She finally did arrive! Wednesday August 8. A healthy, beautiful baby girl. We didn't really have a name picked out and while the doctors was sewing Annelie back together (C-section) I was promptly handed the newborn baby. After checking her vitals and everything I was led down the corridor to our new room. As I was pacing back and forth with this wonderful little creature in my arms, I found myself softly singing a John Mayer tune for my little girl, "Something Like Olivia". It kinda stuck and when we were reunited with Annelie she agreed she looked like an Olivia.
Olivia with proud sis Ida

Things are moving along on the horse front also. Cat and I are entered in an Allbreeds/all ages Herdwork class on September 8th. It will be show debute for us both. Just hope I can find some decent turnbacks and herdholders to help us out, then we should be fine. I have all the confidence in the world in my horse, but it's a first and we don't really know how she and I will react to a show situation. It will be alot of fun though and I'm excited.