Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kick The Cat

Man, I just rode the best filly I've ever been on! Kick The Cat is far and away the most talented 2 yearold I've ever had the pleasure to ride. Everything comes soooo easy for her! Soft, supple and really responsive. I know, I know she's only had about 15-20 rides but still, she does everything with such grace and style it's almost scary. Show her something once and she's got it down pat.

So I have to admit it's all on me now, showing her the way and keeping her sound. Her dam, my good friends Göran & Mariannes Spanish Sue Reed, was a real classy lady and showed Cats grace and flowing moves and was by all accounts also a classy ride as a youngster. She was put in the broodmare band at a young age and was never shown. I got her 3 or 4 years ago when the mare was 14 I think. Finding a Smart Little Lena stud with an impeccable damside along with a good performance record was what I set out to do. Wild Thing DNA was who I chose. By SLL and out of Autumn Boon ( Dual Pep-Royal Blue Boon) with $115.000 in NCHA earnings and a great comformation, disposition & pricetag made the choice pretty simple.

She's still mostly legs though, closing in on 15 hands and needs to develop some more muscle. That'll come in time and I'm gonna stay on her for another month with short, easy rides working the fundamentals, before leaving her more or less alone till late fall.

Here she is breaking in the new "HighTie".

Been riding Mariette & Stefans Bosse for a couple of day's in a row. Glad to say we're making real progress and he's calmer and alot more at ease with me up there now. He feels alot better too and the stiffness and brace in his shoulder gets better and better as Mariette's been giving him acupuncture and heat treatments.

The NCHA Non-Pro Summer Spectacular Derby Finals is on and following that is the Open Derby. We'll see if I can keep awake for that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This & that

Spent last night getting all the posts in place for the cattle pen by the arena. Just waiting for the boards from the lumberyard this week, a couple of paint buckets and then get them up. Then all we need is the little detail of cattle ;)

Guess I can use Annelies goats and pigs for now?

Hand is still not fully functioning, really annoying and frustrating! No grip to speak of, not that I ever had much of one but this is just lame. Well, it is what it is...

Really wish we could go to the Vaquero Fiesta next weekend!

Ragnar is packed and ready to go!

An absolute must for anyone interested in the traditional California bridle horse and it's original place in ranch and cattle work! A great event for the everyday buckaroo and ranchhand aswell as the general Californio enthusiast! So please excuse me for publishing some pics from last years event again...

Dwight Hill

Richard Caldwell

Jeremy Dunn

Our Team! Brandie, Me and Jeremy

Me &"Chico the wonder horse"

As Arnold would put it "- I'll be back!"

70 horses advance to the NCHA Summer Spec Derby semifinals. It took a total of 430.5 pts to advance and another casualty was Futurity Champion One Time Royalty who, after a 217 first go, lost his second cow last night. There was a lot of turbulence at the Will Rogers Coloseum last night as a horse was DQ:ed from the 1st go and thus altered the scoreboard lowering the bubble from 214 to 213.5 to advance. This gave another 7 horses a chance to make the semis. GS Little Tapolena was the lone one of the 7 to take advantage with a 219.5 2nd go score and made it with room to spare.

Wake up Gizmo! Football is back on!! (and yes, that was my signed Joe Montana football!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thieves & robbers!

Gizmo woke us about 3am last night, barking like crazy. A car was parked, engine running, outside. Got dressed and headed out to check `em out. They tore off along with another vehicle parked by the barn, before I got to them. Seems somebody needed some diesel, about 200 liters (53 gallons) missing from the backhoe! I hate when people cant leave other folks stuff alone. You better not let me catch you doing it again! I´ll dip you in it, take up smoking and just might drop a match!

Rode Bosse again yesterday. He´s a big, stout 4yo that I believe has real potential. He's got some issues though and is far from comfortable having me climb on and off. He ducked out a couple of times but I kept at it and after working him out thoroughly from the ground were able to get on him without incident. The buck is still there though, so you better be ready for a "ride". It's time to start working the fillies today. They've been off for a couple of weeks, beeing sick. Diva, Helen's big warmblood is my main focus the next few weeks. We were getting things done and making strides before the EHV virus hit us, and I'm anxious to see were we stand now.

It took a serious 214 to advance to the NCHA Summer Spectacular Derby's 2nd go. 135 horses advance. Most notable among the ones left out were Clint Allens Blue One Time (1/2 point shy) and Super Stakes champion Olenasduallyfeather, 1 point short.

2nd go today and it looks wide open so far. If you have the chance, watch Ronnie Rice cut a cow. He's got 3 horses in the second; Plain Jane Rey, Steves Indian and Sprats Sugar Rey. He's really assertive and determined when he makes his cuts and seldom cuts just for shape. A pleassure to watch.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in business

Back in the saddle finally. Had an involontary pause here as the horses were sick. Rode Brady and Bosse last night. Both did good but Bosse started out trying to dump me again. He was a bit skittish at first but settled down after a couple of bucks and jumping squirms. Will get on him tonight as well. If there are no setbacks with the fillies, I'll get back to working them tomorrow.

Heading to a NCHA of Scandinavia meeting today. Hopefully they can settle on something as far as the Scandinavian Cutting Futurity is concerned. Time is running short and we need to get this done YESTERDAY!

144 horses have showed so far in the Summer Spectacular Derby's 1st go, another 90 head today. Watched Matt Gaines guide his Reycy Moon to a 221 score yesterday. Reycy is by Cats Moonshine and the great mare Twice As Reycy ($200.000, futurity res.champ etc.)
A cool, thing about theese later 4yo shows is that new names and faces keep popping up. Among the top 10 there are "newbies" like Holidayware $4.000, Desires Nu Cattilac $3.000, Cashflow $4.000 etc.

Left to work in todays conclusion of the 1st go though are big time names like Olenasduallyfeather, Blue One Time, Woodys Wildest Cat, RPL Ich This, Reyvorce and Sly Chance.

Bring It!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Had us a wicked thunderstorm last night. Started out around 10pm and we didn´t think much of it then. At 5.30am we sure enough got woke up! Loud boom, windows rattling and the whole family shook awake! We jumped out of bed and saw the geldings running wild in their pasture. Close call! Power gone, but hussle out to get the geldings in. The fillies and pony's already stalled up due to the virus we've had the last couple of weeks. Everything turned out fine though and the storm subsided and we got us some breakfast and some chorse done before letting the horses out again a few hours later. The humidity and fronts are building up again though and it looks like another one is coming!

Went to the Knights festival with the kids in a neighbouring town and spent a bunch of money on pretty much nothing:(

Watching the first go of the Summer Spectacular Derby open. Great, great horses and a couple of very nice runs so far. SVR Reyl Smart (Dual Rey-The Smart Look) just took the lead with a 218.5 just ahead of Moms Stilish Cat (High Brow Cat-Moms Stylish Pepto) marking a 218. These two were at it in the Super Stakes sharing reserve that time and they look to go another round here aswell! Great papers on the pair also, SVR Reyl Smart being half brother to Futurity Champion One Smart Lookin Cat (LTE: $226,310), Worl Champion WR This Cats Smart (LTE: $236,514) & Derby Champion Smart Lookin Hi Brow (LTE: $216,395). Moms Stilish Cat's familytree is pretty impressive also; Moms Stylish Scoot, Stilish Rey, Playboy's Mom, Leanette etc.

Gotta run the 4th set is about to begin!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Fell asleep exhausted last night. Getting the logs in place down at the arena shoveling, dragging and carrying on in the pressing humidity. Man, I get out of breath just tying my shoes! (Maybe the reason I wear boots mostly...)

Missed the Derby Amateaur Finals. They didn't start until way past midnight our time and there was no way to keep my eyes open. S T Peek didn't exactly light things up with his 205, but made almost $1.300 never the less. The winner, Wiley Cat had a strong 221 showing for owner/rider Deb Harold. Wiley Cat (High Brow Cat-Miss Echo Wood) has his papers in order too being full brother to Miss Woody Two Shoes $136.000, Wild Haired Cat $134.000 and 3/4 brother to Little Belly Dancer (High Brow Hickory) $91.000. We'll see if the duo can repeat in the Derby Non-Pro later this week.

Annelie and Ida took a trip to the zoo last night. Ida was jumping up and down with excitement when they got home! Couldn´t wait to tell of all the animals they saw. Pictures to come shortly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Spectacular

Most of the drama went out the window in yesterday's Summer Spectacular 5/6 yo Classic finals.
Jason Clark & Indian Rick (Hickorys Indian Pep-Ricochets Chick) drew first in the first set and dazzled the judges and spectators alike with a 223 score!

What looked like a final battle between Third Cutting and Dont Look Twice ended up being a fruitless chase of Indian Rick. Clarks Hickorys Indian Pep horse, who previously had earned $12.000, quadrupled his earnings with the win and the $33.000 check!

Third Cutting and Dont Look Twice both gave their all and delivered great efforts but came up just a tad short. Boyd Rice cut agressively and Third Cutting was his usual spectacular self but the duo finished tied 4th with a 220 score. Dont Look Twice and Phil Rapp also gave us a good run and ended up third with 221. Reserv champ Pounce with Phil Hanson in the saddle made it interesting though scoring a 222 in a run I thought was just as impressive as Indian Ricks.

5/6 Classic finals

We've had a few Peeka Peps in action so far. Kelsey Turner placed in the Derbys Limited Non-Pro Finals with Annas Brightest Star earning $4.000 earlier this week and today Susan Scarberry has her gelding S T Peek in the Derby Amateaur finals. The Peeka Peps I´ve seen so far are pretty cowy, Really correct and in the right spot but seldom spectacular. They know their job and delivers but without any razzle dazzle. S T Peek is in the same mold, so I expect a solid effort but nothing very fancy.

On the homefront we've finally got the test results and we have the EHV4 virus running about. Best case scenario really considering the Strangles or A2 they first suspected. Another 2 weeks before we're clear. The virus mostly affect 2 yearolds and younger and 98% of the horse population has antibodies.

Been concentrating on getting the arena ready now that I've had nothing to ride. With the help of our landlord we've been working on the ground and footing and also digging down poles for securing the panels. What's left is getting the cattle holding pens and chute to the cow barn in place.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"The nimwit"


This is where the really spectacular, beautiful and stunning picture of lastnights sunset with the silhouette of the geldings grazing, was supposed to be!!!
Just that the family's nimwit proffessional photographer (me, I'm sad to say) forgot to put in the darn memory card in the camera!! When I realized my blunder, ran back inside, went through all the drawers, magazine stacks and piles of junk in the house found it and put it in, the sun was down, rain was pouring and...well, I went back inside........

Waiting for the labresults, should come in this afternoon and then we'll know what the situation is.

NCHA Summer Spectacular 5/6 Classic goarounds are complete. Top 22 to the finals Tuesday, along with the top performers of a wildcard round Monday.

Should be a great one with Phil Rapps monster mare Dont Look Twice against Boyd Rice and his Third Cutting! Both horses, 6years old, are in their last limited age event and both have earned over $500.000! There are a great many others who will contend as well like goround leader Little Pepto Cat, Lee Francois two Dual Rey mares Sofie Rey & Reys Desire, Pounce, Desires Katrina, Lloyd Cox's TR Dual Rey horse Intention del Rey etc. But the head to head with last couple of years dominants Dont Look Twice & Third Cutting should be interesting to say the least. I think we'll see an all out, go for the throat performance from the pair!

Keep your eyes on Tyler Merrills Stylish Scotti aswell. Maybe not the flashiest in the bunch but a very sudden and exact performer. In last nights 2nd go he was on the mark with no waisted motion at all until the last turn on the last cow where he fell a tad behind and lost a couple of points.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Influensa update

Waiting on the vet for another bunch of tests on the sick fillies. Doesn't look like strangles from the early indications wich would make A2 influensa all the more probable. Same deal more or less but not as severe repercussions.

Summer Spectacular 5/6 classic's 1st go in the books and it took 213 to advance. Dont Look Twice share the lead with Little Pepto Cat and Matt Gaines with a 222 score. Good to see Matt up there and hope he makes the finals. Dont Look Twice has apr. $510.000 in career earnings and is chasing Chiquita Pistol for the "active" mark. Triple Crown winner Chiquita Pistol (Smart Little Pistol) has over $530.000 in earnings to date and just made the finals in the Senior Youth with a 215,5. The action continues today with the 5/6 classic 2nd go.

Made these yesterday just to keep busy: A bit hobble/curb strap and a new brand on my chinks!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strangles or A2 Influensa

Summer Spectacular is underway, first go in the 5/6 classic. Dont Look Twice looks to be in the form of her life and took a 222 lead. Other notables from yesterday; 2010 Horse of the Year LHR SMOOTH JAMIE MAY unfortunately was a scratch, Third Cutting was on his mark scoring 218 most of wich was earned on the last cow.

Today we have Smooth Asa Zee, Boon Too Suen, Reys Desire, Rascal Cats and Bet Hesa Cat among others making their entrys as round 1 continues.

My next Bosal project; a 5/8" all Kangaroo.

Looks like our fillies have come down with Strangles (kvarka) or A2 Influensa. Tests are at the lab and we're awaiting the results. High temps, nose discharge and mild cough so far. We've pretty much closed down the operation over here pending the testresults.

I took the day off yesterday and headed to grams & grampas place. Here's what we did;

Uncle Klas built this beauty in the 60's

Ida & cousin Maja playing, jumping and swimming!

Grampa Jan

Changing Boi's

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cowboy hard at work!

Another daunting cowboy task!

As You can see it's a tough life this ranch living, wresteling horsepowers however they come!

Yours truly hard at work, no?

4 horses to ride, all of them different both in comformation and mental make up. 3 newbies and my tworein horse. He's starting to move into the bridle more and more. When the pace picks up to much I rely more on the bosalita and mecate though. Two of the fillies have had temps for a couple of day's and we're monitoring them to be sure it's nothing serious.

It's starting to look like a petting zoo over here too. Our newest additions Lena PH & Lotta Engberg! (Two Swedish celebs)

We're rivaling friends Jeremy & Brandie with the above two, 6 horses, 4 pony's, 4 cats, a dog, hamster, rabbit and a guinneapig.

They thrive in their little pasture pretty funny little creatures, really personable.

And ofcourse Idas daily shot of Gizmo.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another rewarding day!

Rode 3 horses before 10 this morning. Cat, Diva and another client horse, Bosse. He's a 4yo warmblod gelding that has a bunch of holes in him. He's been sat on some before but I'll start from scratch. He's a bit coldbacked and has some buck in him.

Had to bail on Diva today. She had one of her moments where she want's it her way or else! Well, "or else" today was rearing sideway's, loosing balance and almost flippin' over! I decided to get outa there before having her land on top of me. Soft ground in the arena thankfully and nothing broken. We started over and she didn't throw any more fits. We'll stay in the arena a day or two more I think ;)

Cat was her usual self. Outside that means really quiet, soft and responsive. I absolutely love how she feels right now! I sure hope I can keep her this soft through out!

Gonna start earlier tomorrow though. It's getting awfully warm here, it's in the 30's C ( 90' F) and pretty humid so it takes it's toll. Bunch of horseflies the size of B52:s wakes up around 8am. They're big enough to take your leg off and head for the hills and we could really do without them!


Got on Diva for the first time last night. She did great. She's well prepared though so I suspected things would be fine. This is a big ol' mare already at 2, and I had to lengthen the stirrups a couple of holes just to get onboard, and I'm 6.3 so that's a first!

She's responsive enough and we should move right along. I Wan't to put about 30 day's on her before she heads back to her owner, so she'll be fairly solid.

Thank you for the ride, Diva

Kick The Cat get's her share of work also. We just stay with the basics at the walk still. She'll move out, but I don't want to push her with regards to her injury history. So walk it is, a little trot but mostly your basic manuvers stop, draw, turn, flexion & backups so far. She's doing great too. Really soft and responsive, I really like that.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We pretty much try to work our fillies everyday now. A day here and there we stay off of them, but they are coming along really nice. Annelie took a bunch of good pics of Kick The Cat & me and she's doing really well. We hope the injury bug stay's away from here on.

Ida took this one of Gizmo on his 1st birthday yesterday and Annelie snapped the one below. Pretty qute...

Getting ready to climb aboard Diva. She does pretty good also and shouldn't present any more problem then the others. Annelie works her alot from the ground now that I've been incapasitated and she's done an excellent job too.

She stands close to 17 hands and is just a big baby still. Pretty smart though and she seems to take training pretty well.