Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello World, I'm here!

This precious little thing showed up yesterday morning at 5am. It's a little filly by Sannman-Kick The Cat. Olivia promptly named her Sötnos, "Cutie"in English.
Sannman-Kick The Cat filly
Now waiting on Ritzy's Dream to come down with her baby by Make It Happen. Should be any day now.

Training horses doing good. Ingers horse Candy is progressing steadily and doing what is asked of her without much fanfare.


Sky is back in business after stepping on and jamming a twigg into his frog wich kept him out of comission for a while. Doing good though and the owner will have a lot of fun with him in the future. 'nother one coming tomorrow from the same team, Lotta & Peter Lilja and we're grateful for entrusting your ponies with us!
Eddie wasn't quite right the last couple of day's and after checkup they found some issues with his hind leg. He's off for a few weeks with just walks and super light work after that.

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