Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Having a good time!

So as you see by the title me and my family are having a really good time, the day before christmas!
My brother, Benjamin, came home from Gävle where he goes to university. Mom went to the grocerystore to by some things, dad and Olivia are making dinner and while I'm writing here Benji is singing and playing on his guitare. Such a wonderful spirit in the house!
So tomorrow I was thinking to ride Okie bareback on christmas morning, if daddy allows me ;).
Me and the family are planning to just have a nice and peaceful christmas this year, we haven't been home for christmas in years!
Well that's about it for todays blog post, see you all tomorrow i hope, if not me and everyone on 4 Corners Ranch are wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Here are som nice pictures from the past that you can enjoy.
Cat and Polly



Cat and Polly

My crazy mom

Me, My friend Felicia and Fiifelina



Dad and Benji


Furix and I

Cat, dad and Gizmo

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