Friday, December 25, 2015


So yesterday it was Christmas here in Sweden. Me and the rest of my family had a really good day.
It started off with opening our stockings and then we head down to eat some breakfast.
That's one of our tradtions, that we eat breakfast together and just talk and have a great morning. Dad and Benji also played some guitare.
Then it was time to head down to the barn and start mocking and ride some horses.
Me and daddy had a little photoshoot with Cat and Okie, we put on some raindear-ears and a little santa hat on the horses and took some photos while working the cows. The horses did a great job except that Cat was a little bit crazy, but I mean that's not a suprice ;).
Benji also went up on Okie and tried to work the cows, I was just a liiiiiittle bit scared.... But I think he did a very good job! (Proud sister)
We ended the day with just relaxing in the sofa and opening some christmas gifts, the santa also came to visit Olivia ;).
Well that's our Christmas this year, I hope that all of you also had a great Christmas!
// Ida

 Okie and I
Dad and Okie
Benji and Okie

 Olivia and Fiffelina

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